10 Tips To Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Social Media Marketing

We all know that Social Media is a powerful marketing tool, and when used in the right way it is very effective. If used in the wrong way, however, it can just waste your time.

The tips in this article are designed to help you use your time wisely and effectively when working with social media marketing.

  1. It is important that you blog high quality content every day if possible. Statistically you will get up to five times as much traffic as if you blog only once a week or less. High quality content that is relevant to your site is essential to your success.
  2. It is a really good move to incorporate customer service into your social networking. It is likewise important that your social media pages are organized well so as to allow your customers to navigate easily and find what they need quickly.
  3. Another helpful tactic is the use of check-in deals. Offering rewards to users that respond quickly to your specials is also a great way to keep users coming back.
  4. Customer appreciation goes a long way. When a customer posts frequently on your pages, recognize their value. Communicating directly with them is usually worth the time that you put into it. Every now and then give them a great deal or offer that will leave them happy and keep them coming back.
  5. Whatever it is that you sell it is a good idea to dedicate a section that offers solutions and ideas, especially to people who are new to the product. This helps differentiate you from other sites that are out there just to sell. It gives your site more legitimacy and authority.
  6. Do not fall into the temptation of bragging about yourself through your tweets. An authority on the subject states that tweets about personal accomplishments should be left to friends and family. On the business side of things such tweets are usually counter productive.
  7. If you want your customers to “like” you, give them a reason to. For example offer them a bonus or a special price on their first order. Do something to make them happy to choose you over another site.
  8. It is important to incorporate “share” icons and social following to your site and all of your communications.
  9. Most are surprised to learn that it is better for you to follow few people. The search engines give more importance to those who have a lot of followers, but do not personally follow a lot of people. So be very selective with who you choose to follow.
  10. Social skills are obviously at the heart of social media. For someone who is using a social network just for fun it comes natural to be social, however, for most of us that are in it to make money it can be a challenge to keep things social. A good way to keep yourself in check is to regularly read other sites and look for tactics in them that will help you. There are also a lot of good sites and books out there on social relations that might be worth looking into.

If you follow these tips you will surely boost your social media marketing skills. Taking the time to understand the inner workings of the social media system is well worth it. You will see a big improvement in your work!

By Michael Garcia