2009 NFL Coaching Changes

The 2009 NFL season will see no less than 11 teams total taking the field with new skippers manning the helm (6 AFC and 5 NFC), however, inside that number a deeper look-see reveals that a total of 7 NFL teams will begin the new season with a completely new staff with regard to changes made at not only the head coaching position but also at the offensive and defensive coordinator positions as well.

Interestingly enough 4 of the 11 new skippers heading teams this season were either in “interim” positions with the same team or were with the same team the prior season and designated as a heir apparent to the job (Jim Caldwell of the Colts, Tom Cable of the Raiders, Mike Singletary of the Niners, and Jim Mora Jr. of the Seahawks). Of the remaining 7 new NFL head men, three were defensive coordinators last season (Rex Ryan from the Ravens and now with the Jets, Jim Schwartz from the Titans and now with the Lions, and Steve Spagnuolo from the Giants and now with the Rams).

Two of the remaining new HC’s for this year are former offensive coordinators (Todd Haley from the Cards and now with the Chiefs, and Josh McDaniels from the Patriots and now with the Broncos), oddly enough while 10 of the 11 teams turned over the reins of their franchise to men that were either former NFL head coaches in the past (Jim Mora Jr with Seattle and Eric Mangini with Cleveland) or were in head coaching interim positions with the same team (Jim Caldwell of the Colts, Tom Cable of the Raiders, Mike Singletary of the Niners, and Jim Mora Jr. of the Seahawks) or were successful offensive or defensive coordinators from other teams…only one team of the eleven teams (Tampa Bay) chose to go to battle with a new head man possessing virtually no experience whatsoever.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer brass must know something we don’t know that’s for sure with regard to placing their teams’ future in the hands of a guy (Raheem Morris) that has never held a head coaching position at any competitive level and has never advanced past the position of a defensive backs coach in the NFL. This is going to be a very interesting year for the Buccaneer faithful indeed with regard to having a new head coach that has virtually no NFL coaching experience who will turn 33 years young on September 3, 2009 while also having a new 63 year old defensive coordinator (Jim Bates) with 37 years of coaching experience.

Yup, Tampa’s new defensive coordinator has been coaching football for 4 years longer than the Bucs new HC has been breathing air, the Buc’s also have a new offensive coordinator (Jeff Jagodzinski) that has 24 years of total coaching experience in the College and Professional ranks including six years of NFL coaching experience and was a very successful head coach at Boston College but was fired for interviewing for the vacant New York Jets head coaching job. Yup, its certainly going to be quite interesting to see if young Raheem Morris listens to his more experienced assistants or not and also whether the new assistants give as much help as they are capable of as each of them surely must covet the head coaching job should Morris get kicked to the curb after this season.



By Amber