3 Tips to Getting Yourself the Best Penny Stock Picker

A penny stock picker can track down the best performing cheap stocks so that you can invest accordingly without worrying about time or experience as factors. Because of the profit potential behind explosive cheap stocks which are able to appreciate more quickly given that it takes less trading influence to directly affect their prices, the programs which target penny stocks exclusively are in much higher demand.

1 – Get a long standing program. What I mean by this is one which has been on the market for some time. Many traders are wary of these programs because of the fact that they believe that the owner of the list can send out a pick but invest beforehand so that investors drive up the price, thus skyrocketing the price for the original investor/person in charge of the pick. This is a serious offense and is illegal so it doesn’t happen often with these programs but if it ever does they are quickly found out and the program goes with them, so the most reputable programs/lists are those which have been around for some time.

2 – Look for a money back guarantee. This is yet another mark of a substantial and legitimate publisher because not only does it show that the publishers stand behind their program enough to back it up in this way, but it enables you to test the program firsthand if you like which I recommend that you do if you’re on the fence about any one particular program. I’ve done this with dozens of programs over the years and can tell you most publishers encourage you do this if they truly believe they have the best penny stock picker.

3 – Make sure it’s cheap stock specific. What I mean here is that cheap stocks and greater valued stocks behave differently. It just makes sense because it takes a great deal less outside trading influence to directly affect the price of a cheap stock versus a greater priced one. Some programs I’ve found attempt to go after stocks all across the board and suffer between cheaper and greater priced stocks as a result, so make sure it’s cheap stock specific as these make for the best penny stock pickers through and through.



By Lillie