3 Unusual Ways to Attract People to Your Exhibition Stand

For many businesses, exhibiting the company at a trade fair or event is a way to attract potential customers, potential employees and business contacts that could be helpful to their business growth. Due to this, having a great exhibition stand design and an excellent strategy for drawing in visitors is very important.

There are many tried and tested ways to get people interested in what you have to offer, and an eye catching booth design is just one of those factors. However, here are three more unusual and less obvious ways to attract people to your stand and engage them so that they are interested in doing business with you or connecting with you as a fellow professional.

One unusual way to get people to stick around at your stand is offering a place that they can relax and not feel intimidated by sales personnel or people looking to engage them in a conversation. In fact, many trade fairs and events have limited seating options, and many people will naturally want to take a break from what is going on for a while.

With all the walking around and taking in new information that occurs at trade fairs and events, creating a peaceful and relaxing space can actually be ideal for engaging and making a connection with potential customers and business contacts in a far less aggressive way.

On example of doing this is creating a space where people can sit down and enjoy a free drink or use free Wi-Fi that you provide through your exhibition stand design. Many people are also keen to check their emails or social media accounts when at these kinds of events, so a free Wi-Fi space like this allows them to switch off for a few minutes.

This does not mean that you cannot take the opportunity to connect with your customers in some way. As well as giving visitors the chance to sit down, another part of your stand could provide advertising or opportunities to engage customers in conversations. You could also hand out free products or promotional goods to all people attending your stand to relax.

Another unusual idea for engaging people at your exhibition stand at a trade fair or event is to engage the people at your stand with something non promotional but instead fun or interesting. This can include a photo booth, a game, a movie, a competition or contest or something entirely different.

As mentioned above, trade fairs can be very tiring and it can mean that people run out of patience for sales pitches and promotional talk. Instead of offering them a place to relax, offer them a place that seems solely about having fun and doing something a little bit different. Funfair type games where participants can win a prize, or a branded photo opportunity, can go down exceptionally well.

Thirdly and finally, an excellent strategy to get people to engage with your stand is to make sure that there is a hands-on demonstration of your product or service that provides real engagement with what you have to offer.

An example of this is giving people the chance to sit in a new vehicle and try out the controls. It could be that you provide a listening station where participants can use your audio equipment to sit down and listen to a few of their favourite tunes. Finally, it could be a free makeover for those willing to try out some of the new beauty products that you have to offer.

Exhibition stand design is not everything when it comes to attracting customers and keeping them engaged with what you have to offer. Instead, think about activities, experiences and hands-on product engagement opportunities that you can deliver to get people interested in what you do.

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By Edward