5 Questions to Ask Before Creating a New Website

Why have a website?

Creating an internet site for your business may be a great idea. Not having one at the instant is to require the danger of losing an outsized share of the market. Because online is now a really powerful prospecting site. believe it! What does one do once you want to shop for a product or use a service? you begin by searching on Google or another program. Well! Know that your customers and your prospects do an equivalent. Not being visible on the web is, therefore, depriving a really interesting clientele.

Web Design Agency: a serious asset

A website isn’t wiped out each day. this is often employment that takes time, but also skills. Contrary to what some platforms suggest, creating a free and straightforward website isn’t necessarily an honest idea. Because the mere fact of owning one is not any longer exceptional: many companies have an internet site. the large challenge is to make one with real goals and a technique to realize them.

Applying to an internet design agency is, therefore, a true asset for companies wishing to develop an honest website, which can allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to be important on the web. because of our web design agency, you’ll enjoy the expertise of our Web professionals who will realize for you an efficient communication and marketing strategy.

Website creation: The 5 inquiries to ask

Creating an internet site isn’t an innocuous gesture for companies. It requires careful thought, even before it starts. to assist you, the GNM Web Design agency has decided to require up to 5 questions that you simply must ask before starting your project.

1) What are the goals of your website?

For an online site to be effective, the primary thing to try to do is to work out its role, that’s to mention, the target (s) it pursues. supported these objectives, you’ll then create an adapted and measured communication and marketing strategy that will allow you to succeed in them easily.

What goals are often attributed to a website? they’re many and varied and may, in some cases, be combined.

Selling your products and services online
Increase your brand awareness
Present my company and my products/services
Acquire new customers
Build customer loyalty
For each of those objectives, a selected strategy must be put in situ. for instance, if you would like to retain your customers, you’ll create a blog on which you often publish relevant tips which will make them want to return back regularly to read new ones. otherwise, you can found out a private account system that permits customers to spot themselves to follow an order or have benefits.
2) What are the important keywords for your business industry?

In order for your website to be visible, it must be positioned in program results like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. And for that, two solutions, usually worked together, are available to you: you’ll optimize your site with SEO and make SEA campaigns (Google Ads).

For both, it’s necessary to work out keywords relevant to your industry. what’s it about? A keyword (or a key phrase) may be a set of words typed by a user within the search bar of Google, Yahoo, Bing… It allows the user to navigate among thousands and thousands of websites that exist online and thus obtain the foremost relevant account its query. It also allows search engines to know the content of a site and, thus, to reference it when someone searches on the topic.

But the way to determine the keywords used for your website?

You have to place yourself within the shoes of your customers and determine what they might type within the Google search bar to seek out your services or products.

There are tools created specifically to try to do this work, a number of them are free, others are paying (examples: Moz, Keyword, Answer the general public, Google Ads… ).

3) How does the competition work?

Another important point is to follow the extent of competitors online. Are they real competitors, hard to beat? Or, on the contrary, going past them won’t be so complicated? These are questions you would like to ask yourself. The interest of an internet design agency is that it is able to do for you a competitive study. the target is to work out the simplest and worst practices of your competitors and ways to differentiate yourself from them.

It is therefore important, albeit you employ an internet site design agency, to believe the competitors of your website yourself. take care, however, do not limit yourself to the competitors you recognize. the simplest referenced on important keywords aren’t always those we expect within the first place. Broadening your competitive analysis is therefore essential: you want to also determine about companies that you simply don’t know but which are well referenced on the keywords that interest you because they’re also a part of those you’ve got to beat.

4) What budget does one want to spend on your website?

By browsing an internet site agency, you’ll necessarily need to pay a particular amount for your website. one among the very first questions you’ve got to ask yourself is about the budget: what proportion are you willing to pay to possess an honest website? the worth of an internet site depends on many various data: the sort of website it’s about (e-commerce, showcase site… ), the number of pages, the writing or not of the website content, hosting or not the location, the chosen features, etc.

And what about price differences between agencies? How is it that some web agencies request a bigger budget than others to try to do an equivalent job? If it happens sometimes that the worth is indeed excessive, it’s going to even be that it’s an issue of quality. There are agencies that are lowering their prices, but they’re also less efficient. While others are costlier but recover results, sometimes just because they spend longer on the project than the less costly ones that have got to still be profitable.

5) Are you able to become involved within the project?

Creating an internet site, albeit an internet agency, takes time and asks for your inputs and a few of your staff. Why? Because there’ll be meetings and exchanges of emails, that you simply will need to devote time to write down or re-read the contents of the location, to see if you wish the planning of the location … and therefore the implication doesn’t stop only within the project. Digital transformation inevitably results in changes within your company. Even when your website is online, we must still work on it:

It must be updated because an internet site with outdated information doesn’t inspire trust and thus can’t be effective. you’ve got to answer the leads, the orders… that the website provides you in order that the SEO of your website remains optimal, it must be constantly reviewed: it’s necessary that your home page moves regularly, hence the interest of getting a blog whose latest news are often found on the house page; if you’ve got a blog, you’ve got to stay it with short and long articles at a gentle pace; counting on the competitors, you want to also change your own pages a touch to remain on top; etc.

All of this needs the implementation of an indoor strategy, which you want to keep to make sure that your website meets the objectives you had previously set.


If a corporation wants to be as efficient as possible, neglecting the online may be a serious mistake: the web is now an excellent source of prospecting, and not having an internet site is to risk not touching an outsized part of your audience. Not only does one got to own an internet site but you want to also make it effective. It must, therefore, fulfill specific objectives and follow a long-thought-out strategy to realize them.

However, an internet site remains an investment in time and money. Before creating or employing a web design company, you want to ask yourself different questions which will allow you to ascertain more clearly in your project.

The creation of an internet site may be a powerful communication tool. an internet site may be unique thanks to communicating with the planet. So, whether you’ve got chosen to make an internet site to share your passion for music or animals, make your business known to potential customers, sell handicrafts or others, there are not no more barriers. With a site, a mess of possibilities is obtainable to you.

The internet is that the ideal medium to succeed in an outsized audience at little cost.

The first step in achieving a site is to understand its objectives and choose a subject accordingly. Will, it’s knowledgeable, recreational, or another site? does one want to share a passion, meet people, create a business network, present your services… it’s up to you! Having your own website opens doors to the planet since it is a simple thanks to meet all types of expectations.







By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.