5 Tips For Taking Kids To The Snow

Managing the children on a ski holiday can sometimes be a difficult task, particularly if they don’t have too much of an initial interest in skiing. Carefully encouraging them along, and nurturing their efforts can help, as will some ski lessons. Sharing the parenting burden helps, and others in day care can help too. Some comfortable Jindabyne accommodation would be great for the family to unwind in the evening.

Judge Their Level Of Interest

It will vary from family to family as to whether it’s the parents dragging the children, or the children dragging the parents along to the snow. If it’s the former, it’s worth assessing how interested one’s children are in skiing or snowboarding. A little encouragement and assistance from parents will go a long way to enthusing children to these fun activities. If children are not overly interested, or are afraid, then it’s not worth pushing their participation too strongly. Allow children to ease their way in and gradually gain confidence. If it is the latter situation, then you might not have any such problems!

Ski Lessons Early On

For tentative kids, some ski lessons early on, on a first visit to the snow are a great idea. Not only will your children start off learning the best techniques, but careful instruction may actually trigger a passion for life. Maybe your child will be one of the fantastic young skiers that commonly whizz by some pretty competent adults! Keeping your children occupied with ski lessons will also free up some time for adults to ski independently for a little while.

Have Other Friends’ Kids Look After Each Other

Travelling to the snow with fellow families can be great fun. If kids are of sufficient ages, then sometimes they may be able to team up, ski together, and look out for each other. Having family groups like this can also mean that members can split off into different groups depending on skill level, and therefore attempt different runs. With several parents around, looking after younger kids can also be rotated between parents.

Day Care Facilities And Activities

Most ski resorts have some sort of day care facilities, including a variety of activities for children left there. The amount of on-snow time can be managed according to age and interest level. This option can free you up to enjoy a little time of your own on the snow. With the kids not being forced into all day skiing, they are likely to be able to ease into the sport over time. This will help nurture positive feelings towards future visits to the snow.

Plan On Some Off Slope Time

If kids are not in all day care facilities, but are skiing around with parents, then plan on some off slope time for them (unless they are super enthusiastic!). It’s easier for younger kids to become tired and irritable, so don’t wear them out if they get restless. A little break time is good if this is the case. Sharing this between both parents will help limit the burden.


By Edward