7 ‘C’s That Create Champions

I have been watching some of the Summer Olympics games. I am always inspired by the performances of the Olympians. Their drive and commitment to excellence. perfection, indeed. are truly applaudable.

Whether you are an athlete, entrepreneur, hand, superintendent, partner, artist, or fall in some other order, if you have dreams and intentions, the generalities below will help energy YOUR achievement.


True titleholders know their’ end game’. They’re focused and have a deep sense of what they want to do and why. It’s a precedence for them. It defines them and they organize their lives around their thing.

Capability/ Capability

They may have natural chops and capacities. But it’s possible, they may have developed their chops out of a decision to do so. In other words, their chops have been cultivated from times of classes, practice, coaching, and hard work.


Numerous of the effects I am good at now is the result of developing an interest and learning everything I could about it. People who exceed in certain areas may have just been curious in the morning. They wanted to know how effects worked. They studied and continue to wonder how to come indeed better, briskly, stronger, more complete.


To witness peak performance, one must ignore distractions and stop harkening to the naysayers. Can you imagine doing your stylish with hundreds, thousands, millions of eyes gazing at you? Excellence arises from within. Fastening your attention to the quiet part of Tone who knows exactly what to do or say and how to do or say it. At some point, you have to shut down outside influences and trust that you know enough and are enough to be excellent.


Google defines valorous as not dissuaded by peril or pain; stalwart’. I did not know Google was in the wordbook business, but I liked the expression they offered. Being undeterred is what allows titleholders to move forward in the face of outside obstacles and internal precariousness.


Numerous people, unfortunately, believe confidence is a prerequisite for accomplishment. It’s not. Confidence is what arises generally after a significant, momentous event has ended. It’s frequently only after prostrating obstacles and defying internal fears that one feels truly insurmountable (or at least, set) for the big event on the horizon.


I am always moved by the fests of love and appreciation for platoon members, indeed rivals at times, I see as they watch each other perform. Nothing bolsters a healthy, mortal pride like being suitable to empathize and watch for someone different. Bullies may make apparent progress, but (I believe) their souls are suffering and their accomplishments, concave. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “People do not watch how important you know until they know how important you watch.” About the Author Given and appreciated by thousands of engaged and occasionally exhausted directors and entrepreneurs as The Dream Leader for Business (TM), Loretta Love Huff”Helps people and brigades EXCEED their dreams (TM)! She helps her guests unleash their leader, influence with integrity, and influence their ideas into profitable and fulfilling careers and businesses.







By Mk Faizi

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