A Bird’s Eye View on Business and Consulting Logo Design

A visionary image displaying not only professionalism but also corresponding with onlookers about a client’s immediate product within a span of seconds. The ability for the image to communicate in black and white along with visible typography, would demonstrate how concrete and effective that specific organization is in values and trust. Most clients would watch out for business with experience as it’s understood that the more number of years spent in a specific market would equal to better service, understanding and deliverance of clients’ needs and prerequisites.

Confusing Images

With time and current trends most designers tend to incorporate abstract images without giving it a fair bit of thought. Interestingly, the clients also agree to the trend being instilled, thinking it would have a greater reach especially for a business and consulting logo design. A risk nevertheless isn’t appropriate for a startup, or that of an existing company as it may either inflict success or failure without notice. It is however with professional logo design companies a policy to have a contingency plan, that which would help experiment with a futuristic goal of knowing which image corresponds accurately. The use of normal images as per the company’s motto or vision is far more successful with a better corresponding drive than that of an abstract that could either be confusing or enlightening at the same time.

Diligence – Logo

A dry run for the logo could limit the possibilities of failure by a certain margin or draw losses or gains for a certain period of time. A designer can only advise as to how a business and consulting logo design could be, the ultimate choice however is with the head of the organization. If the logo can survive for a month in black and white on a banner to that of a business card, then in color and especially in the long run it could not only prove its worth as a remarkable logo design but also have an increased life span till its renewal.

Existing POA

A plan of action as mulled over with the client at the time of envisioning the actual logo, is always proportionate to the life span and cost involved for the design. However most organizations would tend to stick to the first POA (plan of action) and wouldn’t want to amend or add additional costs keeping in mind that a strict budget is to be followed. Nevertheless, designers constructing an image would always send more than 5 or 8 logos to the client to choose from. It’s not about alternatives, it’s more about making the right economical, cost effective choice. The business and consulting logo design image after finalization would then remain as the ‘ultimate identity’ for the organization, hence it is imperative for the client to choose wisely, just as it is for the designer to design intellectually.


By Edward