A Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Loss Clinic

Beginning your investigation can be a very daunting task as there are a many methods available which are surgical, non-surgical, topical or involve relatively new and unproven procedures. Your choices will also depend on whether you are male or female as some methods are better suited to men than women and vice versa. The effectiveness of treatments also depends on other factors including age, general health and lifestyle. So what is the best way to go about your search and how do you find a reputable hair clinic to provide this service? The truth is, a successful restoration procedure can be life-transforming – it not only boosts your hair but can boost your confidence too… provided you find the right clinic. Here are some useful strategies to help you achieve success:

  1. A good clinic will have longevity and experience

There are a very high number of new hair loss clinics offering a range of hair loss treatments. It is important to be wary of brand new hair clinics with consultants who have little or no hair restoration experience – but a very strong background in hair styling. While hair dressing is an essential skill for your consultant to possess, it is absolutely paramount that your hair loss consultant has experience of providing hair replacement solutions. Look for evidence of your chosen clinic’s restoration work -before and after pics, memberships to various organisations, client testimonials.

  1. A good clinic will offer a breadth of replacement services

A breadth of hair replacement services is a strong indicator of experience. Hair clinics with outstanding hair loss consultants are able to assist men, women and children in their different needs by offering bespoke hair loss services. For instance, services could include hair transplants, custom-made hair systems for men using synthetic hair pieces, ready to wear products, custom-made real hair wigs, hair integration (a new non-surgical procedure which involves blending real hair with your own) and bespoke hair services for children and young people.

  1. A reputable clinic will offer PROVEN hair restoration methods

It sounds logical but given the number of new, unproven procedures, it is also vital that your clinic only offers proven restoration methods that have a high success rate. For instance, if you are investigating a transplant, ensure your surgeon is qualified and/or affiliated to regulatory organisations.

  1. A hair clinic should offer a FREE initial consultation

In order to fully discuss your needs and expectations, it is important that you are able to do so freely and without any obligation. Experienced hair consultants should allocate an appropriate time to explore your hair restoration hopes and wishes. And because it can be the case that you are not a suitable candidate for hair loss treatment, your appointment should be free without any further obligation to part with any payment.


By Edward