Advanced Female Hair Loss Solution Which Can Tackle Hair Loss of All Types

We all lose hair without exception. Some women lose more hair on a daily basis than others. It generally happens during your morning shower, while blow drying or while using styling methods that involve the use of heat. According to hair care experts, it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs daily. This happens because in women there is a hair growth and loss cycle which means there will be new hair to replace the ones that are coming off. Female alopecia solutions can help women in minimizing this problem and eventually preventing the loss.

Hair Loss Can Be Related to a Medical Issue

Hair loss could point to an underlying medical condition. Only a qualified dermatologist can tell you the exact cause for your problem. The key reasons why women suffer alopecia and thinning are pregnancy, surgery, poor diet, drastic weight loss, constant stress and incessant exposure to the harsh elements.

Continuous use of styling products and procedures can also trigger episodes of hair loss. The right solution is prescribed only after the hair specialist has made a proper diagnosis and understood the precise reason for this problem. Many women go for treatments based on hearsay and choose those products that are promoted as miracle cures for stopping this problem and re-growing hair. This should be avoided as it can do more damage to your hair instead of resolving this issue.

The Hormone Connection to Hair Loss

Pregnancy is one of the most common reasons for this problem in women, but the good news is that hair can re-grow as soon as the hormonal balance of the body is restored, which happens a few weeks or months after completion of the pregnancy term. Hyperthyroidism and lupus are also medical conditions that can cause severe hair fall in some women.

Excessive use of harsh shampoos, styling products, and chemical-based hair dyes can also damage your hair and scalp. It can lead to breakage and a lifeless, limp look in your curls. It is a known fact that chemicals and heat weaken the hair and cause it to fall out. It also damages the healthy bulb at the end of the hair, minimizing the chances of hair re-growth.

Why Balanced Diet Is Important for Healthy Hair

Balanced diet is a must for healthy hair. If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, your body controls protein usage by slowing down hair growth. Two to three months of poor diet will reflect poorly on the quality of your hair. Make sure you include rich sources of protein such as fish, meat, and eggs in your daily food. Many green and leafy vegetables also have high protein content.

Heredity and Stress Too Can Trigger Hair Loss Problems

Hair loss can be because of reasons of heredity too. If someone in your family lineage had hair loss at an early age, you too are a potential hair loss candidate. Advanced female hair loss solution can be used to tackle alopecia of all types in women, including that caused due to heredity.

Women also suffer hair loss due to emotional stress. But experts say that physical stress can cause more damage to hair than emotional stress, which at its worst can only aggravate an existing condition. But again, this is not a serious issue because once the cause of emotional stress goes away; this problem also gets minimized. Choosing the right female hair loss solution is important to get best results.
By Edward