As a Landlord, Can I Just Insure The Contents of My Property?

Many landlords are just looking to insure their contents of their properties for many different reasons. You may ask, why wouldn’t I want to cover my building for structural damages within my policy too?

It could be that you trust the area where you live, or the building is brand new and is still covered by the company that built the property. This is the main reason why you would want content only cover.

Is it safe to only insure the contents of a property?

Yes, why not? It keeps your property in safe hands when you rent it out to the public and it saves you dipping into your own pocket when property gets damaged.

If you have high value contents in a property as in over £50,000, you need insurance and not having it is just a stupid mistake to make, not unless you’re rich. If you keep expensive paintings or antiques that cost a few pound, you may need a separate insurance policy for these items but you may be covered by your landlord insurance policy.

Most landlords wouldn’t keep antiques in a rented property anyway, but sometime the antique can be a fireplace or part of the building.

Do companies just cover the contents of a property?

Yes, there is but not many companies provide just contents only cover. You’ll need to do your homework here to find a suitable company. Have a look at insurance brokers for a better chance of getting help with this.

Or just type in Google, landlord insurance with contents only cover, simple.

How much does it cost?

A policy like contents only wouldn’t set you back that much but we can’t say really because it differs from company to company, that’s the way it works. If you pay for it yearly, you’ll get a small discount for paying it upfront.

Also, the cost of cover would depend on the actual value of the contents. Lets say you have contents worth £3000, a policy to cover this amount would cost anything compared to contents worth in the excess of £70,000 for instance.

British landlord insurance companies offer contents insurance up to the value of £75,000.
By Michael Garcia