Baseball Fans In Toronto Have Had Little To Celebrate On Canada Day Games

It should have come as no surprise that Toronto lost yesterday, in spite of the various things working in its favor. After all, the Blue Jays had won eleven of their last thirteen reception, there was a sell-out crowd at the Rodgers Centre, and that they were playing a Detroit Tigers club that had just suffered a thirteen-game streak.

Unfortunately, the sport happened to get on Canada Day, a legal holiday for the Northern neighbors of the United States. It also happens to be, supported history, an unlucky day for Canada’s team.

The Blue Jays have played thirty games on Canada Day in their home park over the course of their forty-year history, and every one thirty are celebrations of the legal holiday. Overall, though, the team has had little to celebrate in the sector.

In that score and a half contests since 1977, Toronto has won just nine while losing twenty-one. There are eleven occasions on which the Blue Jays played on the road on Canada Day, and that they probably wish for a road game far more often than that after the calendar turns from June to July.

As one would have expected from looking back at past occasions, the Blue Jays seemed to be doomed to lose on Canada Day again in 2018. They trailed the Tigers heading into their last at-bat, and that they actually were one strike far away from another holiday loss.

At that time substitute, Justin Smoak drew a walk with the bases loaded, allowing Toronto to tie the score and send the sport into overtime. That free pass incited the gang at the Rodgers Centre, who felt needless to say that this Canada Day would separate history and see their team succeed.

That hope proved short-lived because the Tigers struck back in their next at-bat. Shortstop Joe Iglesias hit a sacrifice that gave Detroit a 3-2, which ended up being the ultimate score.

Fans around Ontario can take some comfort within the thought that the one-run loss wasn’t nearly as bad because the one back in 2001 when the division rival Boston Red Sox drubbed the house team by a score of sixteen to four. A decade and a half before the Blue Jays suffered a Canada Day loss almost as bad, the Seattle Mariners laying an eleven to 2 loss on Toronto.

In spite of the poor record on Canada Day within the club’s history, there’s still reason to be happy when the Blue Jays play reception when July opens. Toronto’s two World Series Championships came in 1992 and 1993, both seasons during which the Blue Jays happened to win on Canada Day.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.