Make the history in CA with the Best CA Coaching in Jaipur – VSI Jaipur

Best CA Coaching in Jaipur

VSI Jaipur is the best CA coaching in Jaipur, where your results are going to speak of our success to the world. Our past results guarantee the confidentiality of the coming batch and not our words.

VSI Jaipur advertises itself with the results not by phrases since it has the highest success rate among all other CA coaching institutions. With India’s top experienced faculty, we have been trusted by thousands of students and their parents for the CA Coaching.

Historical Records Made by VSI Jaipur 

Ever highest marks secured by VSI students CA Course

Over the last 10 years, VSI has produced 7 times 1st AIR which creates a new meaning of success. And distinguishes VSI from the other CA coaching institutions. You must check the student’s feedback for our CA classes from all over India.

Another achievement of VSI is that of 3 times ever highest marks in the history of ICAI results and 2 times 1st AIR’s in just a single attempt in May of 2019.

Akshat Goyal (735/800) secured 1st AIR in CA intermediate exam and Ajay Agrawal (650/800) has attained 1st AIR in CA final exam as per 2019 ICAI results are too high even in the complete history of ICAI. 

Besides 1st AIR, 6 VSI Final students and 7 Intermediate students got AIR under 50.

This proves what our chairman, CA RC Shamra sir always says, “VSI Jaipur focuses on result-satisfaction than classroom satisfaction.”

What is Needed to Break the CA Records?

7 times All India 1st rank

CA exams are one of the toughest exams in India. To make yourself shine in the CA career, you must secure top marks.

VSI group is here to provide the best guidance possible in order to make you one of the top students in India. We help you to achieve a milestone in ICAI as we are doing since for the last 10 years with positive feedback full of gratitudes in which students show their feelings which they get from here. 

If a student has a dull performance in previous exams, it is not good to get out of competition, VSI doesn’t recommend this. Any student can secure the best marks in CA exams and can reach the zenith. But it requires a student’s dedication and passion to achieve success along with the right guidance.

VSI not just teaches in order to make its responsibility but has the faculty ready to go beyond its regular duties. It guides the students in extra classes and workshops and is even ready for any personal help. 

The trust, dedication, and records broken every year have made us the best CA Coaching in India. There are higher chances that the next All India ranker of CA Inter or Final is sitting next to you in a classroom and even yourself. 

How does VSI help Students to Create History in CA Exams?

How VSI helps in creating history?

VSI Jaipur makes you confident about ICAI exams. There are many features or USPs of VSI that make it different from other institutes.

The following factors we mentioned help you to analyze the reason why VSI is the Best CA Coaching in India? And why so many students prefer their future in the hands of our Institute. 

  • VSI has a very experienced CA faculty to secure your valuable future so that you can have the best experience of studying. They are always trying to make you more and more perfect than before. Teachers are always busy taking regular assessments, notes, video lectures, and lots of study material that you may need. 
  • VSI has done lots of research and creativity with its study material so that it can be easily available to each student. Faculties regularly update the study material to ensure its applicability and relevancy with the latest ICAI syllabus.
  • The mock test series is a regular tradition in the VSI institute. Designed with ICAI guidelines, accordingly as a marking scheme, weightage, important topics, etc. They not only help to revise the syllabus weekly but also prepare the students for the main exam. 
  • VSI organizes demo classes for each student so that they can have a better choice while selecting their best teachers and can understand each topic exclusively. 
  • VSI guarantees completion of the syllabus for each level in CA, much before the final exams regulated by ICAI. So that students can properly revise and be able to clear all possible doubts by their relevant faculty. 


Are you worried about your previous performances in the exams? Then you must look at the VSI which is the Best CA Coaching in Jaipur. It has more distinguished features than other CA coaching institutions in Jaipur with trust over thousands of students along with their guardians as our success rate tells everything.

VSI has the consistency to show the best-record results even in the history of ICAI. Results are not automatically generated or repeated but we have to make it with dedication and proper guidance. We inspire and motivate our students so that they can work harder to compete with themselves and get the best result. 

By Brando Smith