Every organization, be it big or small has got to work with the right system for correct business flow. a correct tracking system should be wont to fulfil the precise requirements of each customer. Now-a-days tailoring business is additionally demanding the utilization of technology to remain ahead within the competition.

Easy Tailor App is meant for managing small-scale tailoring shops to big Garment manufacturing units, covering a variety of activities of your tailoring business. The software is additionally a reliable solution for managing orders, customers measurement, design catalogues, payments, billings etc..

Features of ETA:

ETA has many amazing features. this is often a cloud based software and really easy to use because it’s a mobile app. By using its features you’ll give your business a replacement direction.

Multi-Branch business management- Operate one account with consolidated options for all branches.

Production module: the most purpose of this module is to assist your production manager realize the clothes or orders still laying within the factory and priorities them accordingly.

Alteration module: With this module, you’ll now track the amount of times a delivered garment gets altered. It shows alteration invoice in several prefix invoices to simply identify the alteration invoice. This also gives perspective to the assembly staff with a simple marking of the work-order being a neighborhood of the alteration item. additionally thereto , you furthermore may get a counter while making a replacement alteration invoice, this manner you get to know the amount of times the client visited you for alteration on an equivalent garment.

Optimized customer form with quick scan login: This was an extended overdue update from us and that we truly apologize for an equivalent also . With the optimization of the client form, the shape now looks clean and far easy to handle on a tablet.

Work orders: you’ll print QR code of the work-orders and staple them into the material for better tracking of the fabrics/clothing.

You also get to ascertain all the openings of that client, during this way you will not miss out on unspecified order maybe you’d save time navigating through multiple orders. this manner you get to update promise dates and appointment dates of the invoices or items of an equivalent client at one go and priority list from an equivalent window itself.

Inventory vendor form: we’ve introduced a couple of more fields to record more details about the vendors. Now you’ll record contact numbers, bank details and upload documents or agreements associated with the vendors and put a reminder date on an equivalent to receive alerts.

Create an inventory of questionnaires for your client: the most objective of this module is to urge obviate paper notepads while you would like to quickly list down client’s information on sizes or maybe shapes. This gets useful for an environment once you have a line of clients waiting and you only won’t capture the foremost required information and obtain through with it for the instant .

Trial module: whenever a garment is prepared for trial within the production, you’ll move that garment from production to your retail outlet or if the outlet and production are at an equivalent location, then directly click on the work-order no or attend sales –manage work order and sort the work order number of the invoice. this is able to show up all the things of that invoice with an choice to “Take Trial”. Using the “Take Trial” window you’ll determine the subsequent

1 . what percentage trials are done

2 . Whether you would like to send it for re-trial or final finishing

  1. Take trial notes, these trial notes would get printed on the work order within the factory
  2. Determine at which production stage does one want to send the garment to restart the work thereon ..

Introduction of stand-by data server: we’ve introduced a replacement stand-by data server mode, what this basically means for you is that the availability of the secondary database server goes down thanks to some god forbid non-foreseen reasons.

Data security updates : Although we’ve had SSL secured data servers and API servers since the start of ETA’s journey. But we’ve still added another layer of security on top of that to form sure that the stand-by mode work seamlessly with an equivalent level of security.

Data Back-up operations : We take around 10 distinctive timestamped backups per day in two different servers and two hourly backups.

On top of it one cumulative weekly backup.

You can now activate bi-monthly data backup and obtain it in your registered e-mail address. to try to to an equivalent , you’ll attend the system settings of the app and switch on the info backup feature of your account.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.