Best Tips For Switching Landlord Insurance

If you’ve been with a single insurance company for a while, the idea of switching landlord insurance may start growing attractive. Perhaps you’ve reached a point in your business where you think you deserve a break because you have a few properties. Or maybe you’re tired of your original landlord insurance company not giving you a price break, despite your longstanding good customer status and history of always paying your policy on time.

If you’re thinking about switching insurance, here are some things to consider in order getting the best possible deals.

1. Let your current company know that you are considering switching your landlord insurance, and that you’ve already started looking about for a better deal. Often, just the idea that a good customer is getting ready to switch to a different insurance company is enough to get your old company to give you a better deal. If you’re satisfied with what they offer, no need for switching. If you don’t care for the deal they offer, go ahead and move forward with your search and let them know.

2. Don’t just look at one or two companies, and don’t just look online. You’ll find a lot of insurers online, and you’ll find a lot of discounts online. You won’t however, necessarily find rock bottom prices online. If you’re defiantly switching your insurance policy, talk to a broker as well as using comparison websites, and preferably an independent insurance broker who can look at several different companies and give you the best overall deal between them. An independent landlord insurance broker works wonders, because they work on commission and know how to play different insurance companies against one another, they are often able to find you a better deal than even the best online insurance company.

3. Try to get a good deal from an insurer who already covers your properties and business when switching. If you already have a good independent insurance company providing cover for your business or home, they are best possible solution to discuss switching commercial landlord insurance with. Because they are already making a profit from you, and they already know all your needs and concerns. They may also be able to get you good package deals, with one company covering all your different needs for a much better price.
By Michael Garcia