Branding Hacks You Need to Know

In the absence of face-to-face interaction, it is difficult for the recently turned digital business to appeal to their customer. The majority of businesses that have made an emergency debut in the online world do not know how to interact with their customers and gain their share of light on online platforms.

So to help them, we have dug deeper into consumer phycology. Following tips will help businesses in improving their customer journey and growing their business online and offline.

Time to Upgrade Logo

No matter what the reasons were for your immediate debut to the online world, your business should be ready for the digital audience. A logo is the most important part of branding be it online or in the physical business market. You can not aim to grow your business if you are not willing to put effort into any of your logos to make it stand out from your competitors.

To build a logo that attracts the online demographic, you need to focus on the core elements of creating a modern-day logo. The modern day logo creation involves giving attention to the details. You need to underhand the psychology of colors and emotions. If the color you chose entirely depends on the emotions you are trying to evoke and the message you want to convey, then you should be sticking with your choice. But if it does not compliment your brand message, values, and these emotions you want to generate, then there is a whole color palette you can look at.

Here is an example to understand color psychology and the importance of choosing the right colors while creating a logo. Several studies revolve around colors and the different emotions they generate. For instance, the colors yellow and red are known for stimulating appetite. This is why you see the combination of these colors in leading food business chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, Coca Cola and more.

It is not just the food industry that is capitalizing on color powers to generate emotion out of customers, but every industry is on its way to do the same.

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By Amber