Breath Focus Meditation

With increased stress levels, many of us are not getting the sleep we used to have in the pre-coronavirus days. The work stress, absence of face-to-face communication, high stress and anxiety level, and home troubles create a disastrous sleep outline. Nevertheless, if you want to start improving your sleep cycle then you need to start breath focus mediation.

Breath focus mediation is a simple mediation that can help people achieve a good night’s sleep if they practice it every day before heading to bed. We know that sounds like an effort especially when your body is exhausted by sitting on a slouch couch or a not-so-work type chair but trust us, with a simple mediation guide you can do a lot better.

Sleep Hygiene

Before we knew what working from home felt like many of us had time to get to bed early and to wake up early the next day. After having a dreading commute back home, many of us had little to do except for getting back to sleep or preparing for the next working day. But now due to remote work, the work never stops. Even if we start early in the morning, our indefinite break time and house chores can cause the work to last the whole day.

This kind of situation causes burn out which then leaves out mind and body incompetent to practice sleep hygiene. If you want to make sure you have good sleeping hours then you need to start making boundaries between work and home life. We know that it is easier said than done.

For this, you need to have blackout curtains in your room, some good quality bedding and convert le pillows that lure you into turning off your work laptop and crawl into bed. You should create a sleep environment for yourself and do not wait for your body to become completely exhausted to have asleep.

Home Office or New Mattress Maybe

The absence of workstation, work chair and proper home office set up has caused many of us to work from anywhere. We will not lie, but for the initial months into remote working, we used to work from the living room couch. This might seem like a harmless attempt at first but once you are habitual of working from couch or bed then there is no going back.

This kind of work routine can cause your neck and shoulders to be in an uncomfortable position for a long time. And eventually, when you’re ready to sleep, your aching neck and shoulders won’t let you have a good sleep.

Firstly, you need to get a good home office setup that separates you from the home chaos. Next, you need is right matters that act as physiotherapy while you are sleeping.

Build Your Own Routine

The tips above can help you get a good night’s sleep, but if you want to be more productive while working from home, you need to put more effort. Build a routine that helps you get back in work shape, and that motivates you to perform your best.

By Amber