Catch Me a Catch – Tips For Getting Matched With Your Match

Okay all you single guys out there. Listen up.

I know how hard it is finding that special someone. I was single for 46 years. I did it all; Mixers; speed dating; Internet matchmaking; social events; personal ads, dinners for six, singles bars. Then, nine years ago, after all my hard-fought efforts, I finally met my husband on a blind date – a fix up from a dear friend who had a particular knack for matchmaking. She met her own husband on-line.

Was I one of the lucky ones? You could say so. I had pretty much given up. I wore overalls on our first date – something my worried mother would have killed me for if she’d had any say. Fortunately, my husband’s reaction was decidedly different. He took one look at me in the lobby of my apartment building as we said hello for the first time and later told me he was thinking, “Thank God, a normal person.” I took one look at him, broad-shouldered, mustached, graying temples and well fitting, jeans and thought, “Thank God, a grownup.”

However you choose to find your find, or catch your catch, that match won’t catch if there’s no spark to light it.

Looks aren’t everything but…

Dating is like shopping. You don’t bother to buy if you don’t like what you see.

If you really want to be successful at it, defined however, you wish – a date for Saturday night, a chance to fall in love, a long-term relationship – you have to do more than just go through the motions.

This thought occurred to me recently when I was perusing an Internet matchmaking site for some market research I was doing on singles. (It happened to have been but it could have been any Internet dating site.)

By Amber