Causes, Symptoms and Effects of Male Pattern Baldness

Baldness is a term used to refer to the lack of hair. It may either be partial or complete. Baldness is caused by hair loss and hair thinning. Depending on many factors, the amount and pattern of baldness will differ. Though baldness causes loss of hair on the entire body, like the head, arms, legs etc., it is more evident on the scalp of the head. Hair loss appears in both men and women, but is commonly seen in men. Pattern baldness is very common in middle aged men, where loss of hair is on the top, but not on the sides or back of the head. 95% of baldness in men is caused by pattern baldness. This type of baldness is scientifically called as androgenic alopecia.

What are the symptoms of pattern baldness?

· It begins with thinning of hair from the top of the head and continues till there is no hair left on top of the head.

· Usually there are two patterns; first pattern leaves a ring of hair in a horse-shoe shape and the second pattern causes hair loss through the diameter of the top of the head.

What all can cause pattern baldness?

· It is mostly hereditary and is caused by a baldness gene. There are about 4 in 7 chances of a child to inherit this gene.

· Traction alopecia is one more reason. It is loss due to hairstyles or poor hair care. Not taking proper care of your hair may lead to weakening and breakage of the hair strands.

· Medications and chemical therapies can also cause loss of hair.

· Stress, depression and eating disorders can affect hair loss.

· Wearing hats and helmets all the time can cause balding.

Effects of balding in men are –

· The person will develop low esteem because of balding.

· Balding can distress a person and can cause psychological problems.

What are the treatments available for pattern baldness?

· There are very few approved drugs for the treatment of baldness. But these treatments cannot regrow hair forever. They can slow the progression of hair problems or reverse hair loss on a limited basis. The medications should be used regularly or else the hair loss will reappear.

· Reducing stress and living a peaceful life.

· Eating a healthy and balanced diet.

· For extreme balding there are surgical treatments available which can grow hair or plant artificial hair on the head.

· Make changes in your hair care system. Keep your hair clean and nourish it.
By Edward