Creating a Consistent Brand With Innovative Designs

A brand is often identified by its design. Be it the logo, the look and feel of it or anything that increases familiarity of the audience to the brand is essentially a design. While a brand’s online presence greatly defines a majority of its strategies and approaches in today’s world, it is imperative to remember to create a powerful offline presence as well.

Creating any offline or online design needs certain factors to be taken into account, the most important being consistency. Consistency is one factor that should pervade all offline and online sources of the brand-website, storefront, social engagement, signage and any other vertical or horizontal collateral. The design should seamlessly transition from one source to another. Let us see some pointers to consider while designing a consistent brand.

  • Creating a brand guide does not essentially mean just adding up some information and a colour scheme. A brand guide should consist of all the information regarding the chosen colour combination, the design and its source, how it is going to look like when on paper and pen as well as how it should appear on the digital media. A true brand should set the standards of your business that covers all the aspects of your branding design.
  • A consistent design team that works on most of the business projects and its design factors is essential to create a seamless look. A logo or any such design element that is used across various platforms should be consistent in look and feel, wherever it is appearing. If a dedicated team is not given to the design, communication with the audience too will be inconsistent. When a same design team is handling all the design processes, understanding the brand becomes very easy and communication becomes smooth.
  • A strong brand strategy that conveys the business messages and serves as the backbone for the organisation’s concepts and visualisations is essential. Developing a new product or stating a new campaign may need a brand strategy that would take your organisation’s identity forward and help the design team to help create a visionary story. A brand strategy should resonate the voice of the business, what it represents and what sets it apart from its competition.
  • When creating an offline design that would go in prints, it is essential to create designs in highest resolution. The images should not only be of great quality for the website, but usable for large prints as well. Your digital designs should seamlessly and easily translate to offline designs. Though many businesses start online, when one decides to grow, a great offline logo lays a solid foundation for the business. It is thus essential to plan an offline design that portrays your brand image and is print ready.

By Edward