Do You Accept Guest Posts on Your Blog?

You should! Accepting guest posts on your blog is a great way to network, make new friends, gain exposure for your own blog, and even better, help a new blogger! I know there’s a lot of talk about guest posting being dead. But is it really? I don’t think so.

I’ve gotten a little bit more traffic on one of my blogs, Party Ideas Buzz, and one of the things that helps me get some much-needed traction is accepting guest posts. Just this week I had two new bloggers and small business owners who sent me articles I had posted on my blog. Both were very interesting articles that benefited my readers and helped another blogger. In my opinion, accepting articles from

other bloggers will also help build your blog once you start a blog and start generating traffic. How?

Your guest author will share your blog on their social networks, so now your blog gets more attention. You will be perceived as someone who helps other bloggers. While their blog will get some backlinks from yours, if they share the link to their blog with their network, they’ll also get backlinks and even more traffic. You get original content without having to write it yourself. Dive deeper into your blog by adding more variety and different perspectives from different authors.

And you can help other newer bloggers by giving them space to express their creativity. For all of these reasons, I accept guest posts on all of my blogs. And I’ve noticed an increase in traffic to them, pretty much on autopilot. Lots of new blogs are launched every day, and one thing they’re still learning is to google the terms “submit a guest post” or “accept guest posts.” If you’re open to the idea of ​​letting other people contribute
content to your blog, you create a win-win situation for yourself and other bloggers.

Accepting guest posts I have set up a page where people can submit their articles. It lists what I’m looking for and specific criteria that must be met for each submission. This is what the page reads: We accept guest posts for our blog.

Before you submit your entry: Familiarize yourself with our blog, its content and categories; Contributions must be at least 400 words; Please send publications as TEXT files (*.txt);

Posts must be grammatically correct and written in ENGLISH;Include your full name and your blog or company name for the post;You can add TWO links to your blog or shop as long as they are also relevant to this blog. Please just use common sense! All posts are manually reviewed for content and published within 24-48 hours.

I reserve the right to make non-critical changes (spelling, grammar, punctuation) before posting and to post in the category that best fits the article. Make sure to bookmark this blog and check back for new posts regularly!

By Jill Anaya