Does Your Child Need a Flu Shot?

There are tons of individuals asking if their children are generally healthy, do they actually need a flu shot and therefore the short answer is yes, they do! Not having your child vaccinated could potentially place them in real danger. it’s estimated that over 20,000 children under the age of 5 years are hospitalized each flu season. this is often because children are at a greater risk of catching the flu and having complications than the other group. this is often especially so in class or childcare where a flu shot is extremely important to guard your child and the other children they are available into contact with.

Children between 6 months and 18 years should be vaccinated annually.
Parents and every one of the people that have close contact with children should even be vaccinated, including all child workers school teachers, and people within the public service. this is often especially important for people that look after children under 6 months old.
Children between 6 months and 9 years old who are having a flu shot for the primary time will get to have two doses, one month apart. the primary of doses introduces the virus into the child’s system and therefore the second dose gives them the immunity they have.
Kids that are at the best risk and wish to be vaccinated include any children with the subsequent chronic health conditions:
Asthma or the other sort of lung or allergic conditions
Any condition that affects their breathing
Those with a weakened system
Those with a kidney problem or disease
Those affected by high vital signs or heart condition
Any diabetic condition
Every year the flu virus mutates and there’s a special strain, so annually new enhanced vaccines are developed to focus on the new strain that you simply are likely to encounter which is why it’s important to possess a replacement flu shot at the beginning of each flu season. this is often at the top of April to the top of May, but this will vary so albeit you’re late getting the family flu shots it’s still important to possess that protection.
Unborn and pregnant women also are considered to possess a high risk of developing severe complications so are advised to possess an early vaccination and people women who are likely to become pregnant during the flu season also are advised to become covered by having a flu shot.

Once your child is vaccinated, it’ll take 2 weeks before they’re fully shielded from influenza so consult your child’s doctor if you think there are any complications like your child not feeling well or if they need an egg allergy or the other condition that you simply think may affect them.

If you are doing not have your child vaccinated:

Your children aged between 2 two-five years old are more likely to wish urgent medical attention from a doctor or ER.
Children are far and away from the most important spreaders of influenza. this is often because often they forget to practice good hand hygiene and are usually exposed to tons of people. Children are more vulnerable to the flu virus than adults and share it more readily


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.