Dubai Safari: Entertainment for the Day

Dubai Safari: Entertainment for the Day

Ever since Dubai came on the planet map as a tourist and center the govt of Dubai has been making many efforts to form the stay of tourists to the present area memorable. one among the foremost popular tourist activities of Dubai is that the famous Dubai Desert Safari. There was a time when Dubai had many tourists per annum but times have changed and now the tourist traffic is reduced due to the Wuhan Virus, yet the few who come can still savor the desert safari.

The desert safari is analogous to the other safari sort of a forest or natural park. the sole difference is that it involves cruising through the desert. The desert is formed of sand which rises in small hillocks called dunes. These keep shifting in the direction of the wind. additionally, desert storms also are common when the sand is churned all around and visibility is reduced to zero. Getting caught during a desert storm is often a chilling experience.

The desert safari thus has got to have a special sort of vehicle that ought to be ready to advance the sand. Only a 4×4 wheel drive vehicle can serve the aim. the foremost commonly used vehicle is that the 4×4 Toyota land cruiser in these Desert safaris. The vehicle is roomy and with AC on doesn’t get heated within the hot desert where the day temperature rises to 50°C. The safaris are suspended during the recent months of May and June. the simplest time is winter when the temperature is low and you’ll really relish the desert, the belly dance, and therefore the Food

Booking a Safari is straightforward and there are many shops at the hotels where you’ll be staying. there’s there are two sorts of safaris. Firstly there’s the day Safari which picks you up from your hotel and drops you back by midnight. there’s also the overnight Safari which takes you to a Beduin village where you spend an evening in air-conditioned tents and are available back subsequent evening.

The Safari begins from the time you’re picked up from the hotel. After devour, all the vehicles assemble at an assembly point. Remember no single vehicle ventures into the desert alone. this is often dangerous as there’s every chance that you simply can lose your way within the desert and even sometimes the drivers also lose their orientation.

The cavalcade of the vehicle will then drive into the desert. This by itself may be a thrilling experience because the vehicle will go up and down within the desert dune. The drive is some things which will only be experienced. most likely the safari party will then converge to the desert camel farm. you’ll then get out and have a glance at the camels and even have a brief ride on the camel. Here you’ll even have the sand scooter and riding it within the desert may be a great challenge and fun also.

The next halt of the safari is at a desert Bedouin camp. Such camps are specially made to cater to tourists and have basic tourist amenities like washrooms, electricity, and telephones. They occupy the Bedouin camp might be anything from 2 to 4 hours and dinner are going to be served. Normally a luxurious buffet spread is out there and you’ll get both vegetarian and nonvegetarian food. it’s a world buffet and there are dishes from all parts of the planet from Europe Japan and India. However, keeping the susceptibilities of the vast number of tourists from the subcontinent beef isn’t served. this is often the time you’ll also order whiskey or beer but this may be charged extra and isn’t a part of the package. However soft drinks are free and you’ll have your fill of them. many ladies wish to lollygag around the camp and obtain their hands decorated with Henna. Foreign women find this exciting. you’ll also get yourself photographed during a hijab as a remembrance.

The standard fare after dinner is belly dance. this is often the piece de resistance of the evening. Many of the women are locals but an assorted lot of women from Lebanon and even India do the belly dance. Incidentally during your holiday if you would like to find out belly dance there are short horses in Dubai and you’ll devour the rudiments of the dance during a few days.

The belly dance may be a lilting dance with tons of desirability and bound to please the visitors. the women are generally beautiful and fair. I even have been to the desert safari a few of times.

The end of the belly dance signals the top of the safari trip and therefore the vehicles will drive you back to the place that they had picked you up. The desert safaris are now very commercialized but despite this, a visit to Dubai without a desert safari are some things to relish and not be missed. The Dubai sand or desert safari tour price ranges from $ 100 to $ 200 per person. The rates of gone up due to the Wuhan virus and therefore the extra precautions that need to be taken. the number of tourists taken on a safari is additionally reduced by 50%.


By Mk Faizi

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