Electrostatic Metal Painting For Beautiful Paint Finishes Done On-Site

How to paint wrought iron to perfection on-site!

One of the most informative websites I have encountered for metal refinishing and painting is Electrostatic Metal Painting. This site describes how to paint wrought iron fencing, metal railings and other intricate items to perfection using the electrostatic painting process. This process has been used in a factory setting and assembly line process for years and is now being applied to on-site metal painting and refinishing. Electrostatic Metal Painting can refinish metal items on-site with automotive quality. For on-site painting, this is the most durable, longest lasting finish you can purchase next to powder coating

The paint actually wraps around the metal with the electrostatic force allowing them to paint wrought iron fencing and railings from one side while simultaneously painting all sides of each individual picket on a wrought iron fence. This eliminates over-spray and achieves a uniform finish. This type of painting is safe, environmentally friendly and can be done on both interior and exterior metal surfaces. Electrostatic painting provides a superior finish when compared to traditional brush and roller applications which results in a more durable, longer lasting finish. This technology works on iron, aluminum, steel and galvanized metals equally well.

Most of the typical jobs they refer to are wrought iron fencing and RV gates. However, anything that is metal can easily be refinished with this technology. This would include metal store fronts, window frames, school lockers, pipes, light poles, patio covers, industrial equipment, grocery store cases and more.


By Ramon Munoz