Embracing Change Through Poetry

The Brummet’s began writing professionally back in 1999 and wanted to use this as a tool for sparking positive change and motivating readers to steer more proactive lives. ?According to Lillian: ??”?Poetry has the unique application of allowing the author to precise their own hopes, dreams or pain, and to explore the creative use of words, rhythms, fantasy, truths, and rhymes?”.

T? he couple? team? ed? up? to share their poetry in? the book Rhythm & Rhyme. Their different writing styles are at their best during this incredible? collection – celebrating nature, questioning society, expressing grief, and embracing love.?? Some of the poetry during this book reflects on the emotional turmoil of ailing parents, long-term caregiving, the gut-wrenching waiting period of knowing the top is coming, and the eventual grief of their passing. Other poems discuss the strange emptiness that’s left when old wounds are healed. You’ll also find poems that remember life, ?music, ?love, animals, and nature.

Keep The Change? – by D Brummet?

Looking out my window at the silent park

Rain is streaming down through the misty dark

I’d sit and have a smoke

But I do not have a light-weight

Don’t even desire

Going on the town tonight

Went back to my hometown nothing seemed an equivalent

Had a glance around but I knew nobody by name

Fields have sprouted buildings

The roads have thickened up

With the flow of frantic traffic

That doesn’t seem to prevent

It’s not an equivalent, as time moves on

Things will evolve, right or wrong

There is no choice for you to form

No other path for fate to require

But you’ll choose

To keep the change

You can keep the change

Try to do finances, but I can not catch on through my head

That if I do not succeed I’ll don’t have anything when I’m dead

Keepin’ up with the Joneses

No time to prevent and play

How are you able to be a child again

If you’ve got to get older today

Looking out my porthole where their wont to be a park

The nozzles spray some moisture, the lights leave at dark

If I’m going out they’ll find me

And try to form me right

So I stay here in my cubicle

And hide throughout the night

Camping Holiday? – By L Brummet?

Showering sounds of



Pouring water

Moving ’round rocks and branches

Like flames ’round logs

Knocking boulders


Drowning out all other sounds

Except for rustling wind

Through boughs where

Birds shout and play

And the echoing response


Like chimes in my heart?.?







By Mk Faizi

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