Encountering The Third Generation of DVD Format

It won’t last too long until the third generation of DVD format to be unveiled. Your DVD player will play a well-performing disc with high-storage capacity. The upcoming Media-Tech Expo, Las Vegas, USA, will surely clarify this topical issue.

The upcoming Media-Tech Expo May 10-12, 2005 in Las Vegas, USA will be a crucial moment in deciding what DVD format will be the succesor of the actual DVDs. It will be HD-DVD? Or the Blu-ray Disk? Before the end of 2005, more likely in 2006, the standard format will be decided for good. The competition between the HD-DVD and Blu-ray is in full swing now.

The overwhelming increase of portable DVD players led to a even higher rise of DVDs industry. In 2003, almost 4 billion prerecorded DVDs were produced. This number is calculated to increase to 7 billion in 2006. The same for recordable DVDs market: DVD±R, DVD±RW. While in 2003 just 908 million disks were produced, it is estimated a double growth rate in 2004 (and about 4 billion estimated in 2006).

This year edition, from Frankfurt, manufacturing technology for the third generation of optical storage media has been debated. More than 1,400 people joined 2004 edition. At upcoming 2005 edition, concepts for replication lines and single components for the manufacturing of HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc will be introduced. Media-Tech Expo is the leading annual tradeshow for the media manufacturing industry.

As for these two vying formats, both use a blue laser (contrary to red laser for DVDs). The blue laser has a shorter wavelength leading to finer signal markings on the optical media. Moreover, a shorter wavelength, associated with advanced compression process, prompts a higher storage capacity. Whereas HD-DVD holds 30 gigabytes, Blu-ray holds 50 gigabytes on a double-layer disc.

Professional video industry is one of the most prosperous. Not surprisingly, engineers and manufacturing professionals, producers, video and audio professionals, web developers, broadcasters, directors, DVD authors, editors, graphic artists, gather on annual worldwide electronics and digital video exhibitions to learn the newly techniques, technologies, capabilities, advantages related to their industry. There are seven major exhibitions: DV-Expo, Mediacast, DVD Europe, DVD Replication Exhibition, DVD Summit – Midle East Asia, Media-Tech, Production-Show.





By Mk Faizi

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