Family Portraits in Las Vegas Without the Las Vegas Strip As a Backdrop Or Using Large Chain Studios

Many local families in Las Vegas, NV have a desire to have family portraits taken without taking there children down to the strip or downtown. These areas are not very children friendly. The other main draw back on locations is some families do not want their pictures The desert is everywhere in Southern Nevada and after a while you can get sick of always seeing it every day. The last thing you would want is a family portrait with a desert backdrop on your mantle.

Eliminating those locations your options are studios with a wide choose of backdrops or an on location photographer. Studios are fantastic if that is what you are looking for. Be careful when it comes to chain studios. It is the luck of the draw with the who is working that day. When you look at the portfolio on a chains website or the photos with in the studio you never know which employee took those pictures. It is better to look for professionals that have their own studio or better yet those that have a mobile studio.

The benefit of using a pro is you know the work you see is theirs. Because you can see their work on their own website or blog. Each photographer has their own style so look at their work and see if their style is what you are looking for with your memories.

A few places to consider when choosing an on location professional are: Lake Las Vegas, Floyd Lamb State Park, Lake Mead, The Clark County Heritage Museum, Calico Basin, Red Rock, your own backyard and many more locations that they should be familiar with. If you are visiting town you can even have your professional come to your hotel and take photographs inside the hotel.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.