Faux Finish Painting – Learn From Me, a Decorative Faux Painting Professional

So you want to learn Faux Painting? Great! I remember when I first wanted to try just a simple sponging technique. Might I add that sponging is what it was called; I had never heard of the word Faux. I did my mom’s bathroom and thought it looked cool. Now I would cringe if I had to show anyone what that bathroom looked like 10 years ago. Faux Painting has come a long way since then. I guess I should say, faux painters have come a long way because the art has been around for a lot longer than 10 years.

Take the time to read this article. May my experience save you time in learning this beautiful type of art. This is how my first job came about – A friend of mine who owned a painting company and asked if I knew “the sponging, ragging stuff you do on the walls.” I told him about my mom’s bathroom and he gave me my first job. I came home after the first day and figured I would have to retire right away. My back and arms were killing me. I must have climbed up and down my ladder at least a hundred times….I am not kidding! I said to myself….”there has got be be an easier way.” Then I asked for a faux painting book for Christmas in 1995 and began to desire to do more sophisticated, elegant finishes. However, after reading how to paint them, I said “forget it, this will take me forever!” In addition, the mess I would have to deal with turned me off. Again I said to myself…. “there has got be an easier way.

Well I did find a better way and developed my own system. Let me be totally honest, though. I did pray to God and asked His Holy Spirit to give me an easier way to achieve these beautiful finishes and He did. At the risk of sounding “too spiritual”, I did promise to give Him the glory; that is why I mentioned this important detail. In addition to this, I have read multiple articles like this one to learn as much as I can from others who are in the profession. Even though I have developed my own system, there are many new finishes out in the field today that I still have to learn. People like myself who love to experiment with different tools and art mediums are constantly coming up with better ways to faux. That’s the beauty of the years going by; new ideas develop over time. Now there is more information on Faux Painting than ever. I love this art and I now make a living from decorative wall painting. It’s been hard work and many years but it is paying off.


By Ramon Munoz