Faux Finish Painting – The Most Important Faux Painting Tip

I am going to share with you what I truly believe is the most important tip a professional in the faux painting business can share with you. After applying faux finishing techniques to literally hundreds of walls in the last 10 years, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that with this tip, you will not only succeed in the business but it will change your life.

What is the most important tip? PRAY BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO PAINT. You might be thinking to yourself, “this article should be in the religious section”. I lovingly correct you. I am not talking about religion. You see the greatest artist there is, is God. Ever look at a sunset? Where do you think YOU get the desire to faux paint a wall? Even if you are agnostic, hear me out, please. I am trying to help you succeed. I’ve stopped counting the many jobs that started out looking horribly and ending being a work of art to the thrill of my client. Every time I can attribute it to the Lord answering me and giving me the wisdom in everything from selection of colors to correcting any mistakes. Not to mention the favor He gives me with my clients.

You might be asking, “what God do I pray to?’ At the risk of being wrongly judged as “intolerant”, I pray to the living God….the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said to ask whatever we need in His Name. So that is what I do. In addition, I ask the Lord to bless the family and home that I am working in. You will be amazed at how the jobs you get will have a mark of God’s divine appointment all over it. I must be totally up front with you, however, and mention that you must be surrendered to Jesus and born again in order to have confidence in your petition being answered. God does answer prayer even when a person doesn’t have a relationship with Him, but He’s not obligated to do so.

When I first looked into the art of Faux Painting, I was convinced that I could not achieve the sophisticated finishes I desired without complicated and time consuming steps. So it dawned on me that God would certainly know if there was an easier way to achieve these finishes. After a few months of prayer and going to the store to see where He would lead me to the perfect tool, He gave me an idea for a totally new tool not sold in the stores.




By Ramon Munoz