Fear Is – AND – Music


Fear is that the time killer.

It consumes our precious memories.

It crushes bright and happy thoughts.

It prevents us from living within the present, within the now.

It controls thoughts and concepts of what we contemplate for our future.

Fear prevents us from moving ahead or escaping from what we’ve wiped out the past that we might not be pleased with, or wish to recollect.

Fear keeps us from taking a step forward; a move to what we could do when walking through that door would bring beneficial change and enlightenment.

Fear cheats us of our health: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It clouds our mind and skill to think clearly.

Fear haunts our evenings and our dreams. It shatters our night’s sleep.

Fear is as destructive and harmful as any disease, it clings to us, and it can kill us.

When Fear approaches us, acknowledge it, but don’t allow it entry.

If it sneaks in, because it is used to do, push Fear out. Pray. Empty your thoughts of anything negative and meditate on what brings you clarity, peace, tranquility, and delight.

Each time you are doing this, as you learn to, it’ll become easier and more comforting – and you’ll then become break away from it.

When you free it:


–Kathy Pippig


Music could also be a language considered more versatile than the vocable, or the word.

Regardless of your ethnic or ancestral origins, music is known by all that hear or create it. Music is universal and wishes no translation.

The languages of music are the various genres. The dialects are the various styles and moods within each dialect.

With just seven notes, their respective sharps, flats, and octaves, MUSIC: Paints a pastoral scene. A tumultuous storm. It draws out a flash of sheer joy. It sets our mind freed from worry and moves our body to whirl and dance, forgetting all else but the enjoyment of the song.

It is likely music was made, was played, before man had the gift of speech.

The music mimics the song of a bird. The susurration of a brook. The wind swirling through the high, craggy mountains and trees lining the riverside. It resounds sort of like a thundering storm. And whispers like Spring blossoms drifting down on a replacement summer’s breeze to verdant hills and mossy rocks.

Music is that the echo of the sweetness of the world and therefore the pulse of The Creator. Music is eternal. And magic…







By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.