Fighting Cyber Crime With Cyber Technology

cyber technology

As it has become apparent in today’s technology age, spyware, malware, and internet privacy are getting more and more prevalent. Individuals and groups of people thrive on stealing information from a few people, for his or her own gain.

According to IC3 (The Internet Crime Complaint Center) and therefore the FBI, monetary losses in more than $239 million dollars are accumulated by 72,226 victims in 2007. This doesn’t take under consideration what percentage of people suffered monetary losses but didn’t report them to the IC3 website or the FBI. Contact with complainants predominantly stemmed from e-mail (73.6%) or a webpage (32.7%) communication.

Knowing that such a lot of information are often obtained a few people, across the web, people still browse the web, use online instant messaging, download music, even engage in online multiplayer games without counting on any additional security than what’s built into their OS.

With this being the case, it’s surprising that folks are scared of fraud, yet they prefer to surf naked. Browsing the web (or Web Surfing) and maybe a dangerous thing, because from the minute you connect, you’re leaving a footprint of who you’re, where you’re, and what you’re doing.

If an individual is surfing the web anonymously using Covert Surfer, then their personal information would be harder to retrieve, because hacking the victim’s computer becomes harder since the perpetrator cannot find the true location or their real IP address.

cybernetics will take an incredible effort on the part of humanity to constrain the cyber influx and integrate it rationally into their lives. this might end in an age of profound wisdom, a Golden Age of freedom from toil and bask instead in higher pursuits, or it might be an enslaving nightmare. At its worst, it could spell the top of humankind as we are methodically eliminated by a replacement life form- one that originated from the human form but transmogrified itself into something new; an excellent race of self-aware machines. Ironically, if the top of Man is approaching, it’ll be he himself through his pride and competitiveness that initiates it. We are, literally, at a crossroads in our existence.

Maybe the age of a cyborg super race will bring with it unprecedented wonders. My instincts tell me however that such a race would begin of very materialistic circumstances and can remain caught up at that level for an unknown period of your time before evolving in consciousness. it’s precise because humans are physically limited that we take inner flight in creativity and imagination.

By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.