Freud and the Small Business Owner

In 1923 Freud authored a paper called The Ego and therefore the Id, which is an analytical study of the human psyche. Called the Structural Theory, this theory categorizes psychological conditions into three divisions: the Id, the Super-Ego, and therefore the Ego. The Id is best thought of as a newborn child driven by instinctive drives and impulses and seeks instant gratification. The Super-Ego is that the reciprocal of the Id, representing a “father figure” and an ethical compass. The Ego is the mediator between the Id and therefore the Super-Ego and takes under consideration external factors to derive a transparent view of reality.The theory has spurred much discussion within the scientific community, but the concept is firmly seated in college psychology classes as a higher-education staple.

Whether or not Freud nailed it with the Structural Theory is hospitable some debate (one which I’ll let bigger brains than mine ponder!) but virtually all folks can relate to those three personas and know someone who fits each of those profiles. The Id-like person throws caution to the wind, takes risks stupidly through implications, and allows the dreamer in him to steer his actions. The Super-Ego-like person is very risk-averse, must have near-perfect information before making a choice , and never, ever, swims until a minimum of half-hour after eating. The Ego-like person has drive and is willing to require risks, but seeks to know situations enough to require calculated risks as against foolish risks.

While reading this, you’ll have thought of a lover or loved one who fits into each of the above categories. you’ll have also slotted yourself as being predominantly Id, Super-Ego, or Ego-like. It also could also be situational to where you’re more Id-like in certain situations while you’re more Super-Ego-like in others. As this specifically applies to starting and running your own small business, it’s vitally important that you simply identify whether you’re more Id, Super-Ego, or Ego-like which you balance who you’re with others who fit into the opposite categories; thus the subsequent maxim:

Small businesses need a mix of Id, Ego, and Super-Ego personas to achieve success .

So because it relates to you, are you more of an Id that throws caution to the wind stupidly about implications? Or are you more just like the risk-averse Super-Ego who needs perfect information to form a decision? Or are you more of a middle-of-the-road Ego who is willing to require calculated risks and knows the way to balance risk and reward? but , maybe you are not sure.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.