Friendship – Bridge Between the Hearts


Friendship – Bridge Between the Hearts: We all know citizenry is gregarious naturally. it’s thanks to this nature of ours, social life has immense infusion into our individual life. Perhaps that’s why the good Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, claims man to be a social animal. Now friendship, if we further contemplate, is an important reality of social life. during this brief paper, my aim is to supply a general idea of what true friendship is, alongside its importance and benefits.

Many have also questioned the sturdiness of friendships; how long a friendship between individuals is reckoned to last, in reference to diverse circumstances? The period of time of a general friendship is taken into account to depend upon multiple factors like the intensity of bond, age, dwelling, etc. In spite of this information, I personally believe a real friendship is never-ending, or more specifically, has timeless memories; both happy and sad. In some cases, friends won’t be practically together thanks to residence remoteness and/or excessive work exertion. Yet, time and time again, a neighborhood in their hearts echoes with affection for one another; they’re present in each others’ hearts. Now i might invite the readers to attend to the advantages of being under this umbrella of true love and source of ageless memories.

Benefits of Friendship

For quite a while, psychologists and researchers were tempted to get the advantages of friendship. Though exploration still continues on the topic in a huge amount, so far, plenty of studies and programs have declared friendship “life-enhancing” (1). In contrast, the absence of friendship, or to easily put it; loneliness is deemed damaging to mental and physical health. The question is, what aspects of life and health does friendship influence, so as, we call it “life-enhancing”? allow us to explore the solution.

Conventional intelligence believes; friendships boost the individual’s sense of happiness. Happiness, in turn, has many positive biological and psychological impacts. for instance, consistent with the research of Kira M. Newman, a writer and editor, happiness systematically protects the guts, strengthens the system, diminishes stress, combats diseases and disability, and enhances longevity. a few of other potential advantages of friendships, proposed by many researchers, include the chance to find out about empathy and problem-solving. Moreover, ahead of friends, a private feels comfortable together with his or her identity and innate habits. Such a cushy zone directs the person towards no pressure; rather, it contributes to self-confidence and social development.

What is more, true friends are selfless and supportive to their fellow friends at difficult times. they will act as a source of motivation for each other , concerning the hardships of life. A report from Mayo Clinic is parallel to the prescription: friendships “increase your sense of belonging and purpose”; furthermore, they “help you deal with traumas, like divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a beloved .” Therefore, one can avow, friendships are highly effective for the emotional dimension of citizenry also .

Conflicts in Friendship

In friendships too, like in the other relationship, involved individuals can quarrel, now then . These disputes are temporary and are melted away by the heat of mutual understanding and understanding between true friends. However, lack of productive efforts or knowledge can exacerbate things also . Hence, it’s knowing explore the inspiration of those clashes, so as to stop them within the first place. Sufficient knowledge on the topic also can help the person to differentiate his true friends from the fake ones. Under this section, I underpin (and clarify) the explanations for conflicts in friendships into three chief bases; triviality, external grounds, and communication gaps.

Firstly, disputes may ensue when a trivial approach, intentional or unintentional, is adopted by an involved individual concerning friendship. A trivial approach, technically, refers to expressing insignificance in friendship or not taking the responsibility of being a lover sincerely. this will flow from to paucity of data about the role of accountability in friendship by the person (unintentional) or deliberate reasons (intentional), directing to the warning of a fake friend. The unintentional case is typically concerned towards the lower age groups of society. allow us to observe the insightful words of Khalil Gibran on this matter, “friendship is usually a sweet responsibility, never a chance (2).” it’s noteworthy, responsibility in friendship isn’t onerous, for this reason, Mr. Gibran utilizes the word “sweet” before responsibility to ignore any kind of misleading interpretation.

Secondly, a third-party aims to jeopardize friendship between individuals, due to hatred or in their own personal interest. Assuming either motive, loyalty and honest communication between friends are the simplest remedies to thwart any iniquitous intervention.

Lastly, communication gaps occur when the message intended to be delivered by the speaker isn’t understood by the recipient. the rationale behind this, because the name suggests, is poor communication. In friendships, this results in misapprehension and, thus, towards negative estimations about the guy friend. Solution to the difficulty lies in communication itself. Honest and open communication, or technically, effective communicative skills can ultimately bridge the communication gaps, and reduce the likelihood of their proliferation.

By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.