General Tips for Preventing Hair Loss in Men and Women

Long locks are a sign of youth and beauty, so it’s no wonder Canadian men and women are always looking for hair growth formulas on the Internet. Fortunately there are many ways you can encourage hair growth without spending a lot of money. As the following article will show, it’s all about developing good habits.

Develop Good Habits

Hair grows at about half an inch every month – so if your hair is healthy it should grow by about six inches in a year. However, this can only happen if you handle your hair with care. To do this, you should wash your hair gently and avoid harsh shampoos and conditioners that will only cause damage.

Washing your hair daily is common practice, and there is nothing wrong with that provided you aren’t “rough” with your hair – remember to avoid blow drying your hair, and when using a towel, gently ‘pat-dry’ your head. Second, you should make it a habit to trim your hair on a regular basis. While it might seem counter productive to what you want to achieve, trimming actually stimulates further growth (removes split ends).

Remember that your hair emanates from the root – if it is damaged, it will retreat and go back to the roots where it will be repaired. But if you trim hair on a regular basis, there will be no need for lengthy repairs, allowing your hair to focus on production. By trimming your hair regularly, you reduce the odds of developing unhealty split ends.

Aside from proper grooming, eating foods rich in amino acids is also recommended. To understand why protein and amino acids are potent hair loss cure, it’s because hair is made up of keratin, which is a type of protein consisting of amino acids. The more amino acids your body has, the more likely your hair will grow.

Hair Care Tips

There are other ways to deal with a receding hairline, and these include using natural methods for treating and managing your hair. There are a lot of hair treatments available today but while they are helpful, it’s much better to go the natural route as it will stimulate hair growth without risking damage to your hair.

Aside from that, your hair will also grow faster if you just wrap or tie it in your back loosely, and it will also help if you massage your scalp because it stimulates growth. Massaging the scalp increases the circulation of blood and provides your hair with all the nutrients necessary for growth.

It will also help to use deep conditioning products as well as heat protectant sprays provided they are applied judiciously. Applying natural oils will also help but be wary of hair supplements that have no medical or scientific evidence as they probably won’t work.

While the techniques mentioned above do work, you’ll also want to try Minoxidil as it has been specially formulated to stimulate the growth of hair without any unwanted side effects. Whereas other hair products are based strictly on pseudoscience, this product has been tested rigorously and proven to regrow hair.
By Edward