Get Others To Market Your Blog For You By Writing Epic Stuff

I once read on article called ‘Write Epic Stuff.’ It was a truly inspiring article and correct in every way.

It said that far too many blogs and websites are at worst boring, and at best mediocre. And what people don’t want is another boring or mediocre website.

How to Avoid Mediocrity

Today, more often than ever, to be successful, your website needs to stand out from all the rest.

Social media is the new wave in free marketing and it works like this:

  • You write epic stuff and upload it to your site.
  • Visitors to your site love your epic stuff and share it on social media.

But your content has to be more than good or great or even fantastic.

It needs to be epic.

How to Write Epic Stuff

Before you can write epic website content, you need to know what your website’s USP is.

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition.

So what makes your website unique?

To find out you firstly need to know who your market is.

Who are you trying to attract to your website?

Who is your ideal visitor?

Once you know this (and you need to be really sure) you can target your writing towards them.

You’ll also need to know what it is they want to know. Ask yourself, what questions will they have and how can my website answer them?

This is what’s known as a starving market. People who are hungry for information. But you need to know what information they want.

Let Social Media Work for You

There’s no doubt about it that social media now plays a big part in online marketing. It’s always been said that “content is king” and this has never been truer than with social media.

People are busy using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, etc, to share what they’ve discovered online that’s funny, interesting or remarkable.

So if someone visits your website, loves what they find there and shares it through social media, this can be more effective marketing than any you could have done yourself. They may even link to it from their own site.

But to get people to want to share what you write, you first need to know something.

The ingredients of Writing Epic Stuff

Writing anything online means you are sharing information, and this information has to be so epic, so vital, that other people can’t help sharing it too.

And for this you need 3 necessary ingredients

Your information needs to be:

  • Relevant
  • Immediate
  • Useful

Relevant means just that. What you’re writing about must be relevant to the person you’re writing to.

Immediate means that they must be able to start using your information immediately.

Useful means they’ll find plenty of use in what you’re telling them.

So before you write anything, make sure you can see the immediate benefit your readers are going to get from reading your online content.

Ideally your readers have to find benefit for others too in what you write so that they will want to share it.

How Long is Epic Writing?

Some people believe that epic writing means writing articles. But this isn’t always true

Think of memorable quotes. These are epic, but they’re certainly not long.

But sometimes epic writing is long. For instance many epic novels are huge tomes.

So it doesn’t matter.

If you can convey your message in just a few paragraphs, that’s great.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid of writing long articles either. Just don’t bore people. Quality is more important than quantity.

Just make sure everything you write has the necessary ingredients to make it epic.

By Michael Garcia