Give More, Get More!

When assessing what you could offer, even if you don’t have an online business, think of everything that you could be offering online that adds value to your usual product base, and gives your client’s a little something more. Modern technology and marketing methods makes it possible to offer extras that captures the attention of your clients, and facilitates a sales funnel that directs them toward purchases or alternatively that increases brand awareness and loyalty, that will later lead to sales. Often, all of this is possible at very little additional cost.

This is increasingly becoming the norm in good business practice because very simply put, it can make you money! Further to this, it works very simply too; by offering added value and quality to your clients, and giving them what they want, or need.

To develop to a point beyond just engaging and enticing clients, you should focus on taking care of your clients, meeting a need, and knowing that you’re able to promise the earth but give them the universe! (i.e. give more than you’ve agreed to!)

How do you go about achieving this?

– Make it memorable, offer something that appeals to the client, is something that they need, want or will give consideration to, and most importantly, ensure that it offers sufficient value to be considered worthwhile.

– Consider this as an example: If you subscribe to a newsletter or e-zine, there would usually be a reason to have subscribed… either there was the promise of information that you wanted, or an offer that appealed to you. You would, essentially, expect to get what you subscribed for. Now think about how you would feel if you received not just what was promised, but even more than that… for example, you subscribed for an e-zine on jewellery-making that would teach you how to do it, step-by-step, but when you opened the first edition, without any prior warning, you were given a voucher that could be used to redeem a free jewellery making kit. Chances are, everyone who subscribes to the e-zine will continue to open it each month in the hope of getting more unannounced bonuses. Now you might wonder how it is that you earn from giving something away for free… There are numerous means of doing this. The kit could have the essentials, but you could offer further discounts on additional items purchased within that month, or you could offer discounts on live webinars that assist those wanting to pursue this interest, but learn better by watching rather than reading.

– From the above example you’ll see that three things would have been accomplished:

a) You’ve developed additional revenue streams, (jewellery kit add-ons and webinars), at very little additional cost

b) You would have increased the chances of subscribers continuing to open your e-zine editions continuously!

c) You would have driven more traffic to your site through a marketing loop that directs from one avenue to the other, i.e. subscribers would go to the site to redeem their vouchers, and to look at discounted items they could purchase.

The bottom line… find ways to give more! If you offer sufficient value and meet a want or need, the more you give, the more you’ll receive.

© 2016 Noleen Mariappen
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