Global Wines Dominated the Contest The Best Wines of DãO

Global Wines was the grand winner of the 2018 “Best Bottled Dão Wines” Contest, collecting 12 medals. The achievement of more than 50% of the distinctions shows the consistency of the brand’s wines in all market segments in which it operates, with irreplaceable references such as Vinha do Contador, Cabriz or Casa de Santar.

This contest was once again organized by the Regional Wine Commission of Dão, aiming to reward producers and give merit to the work developed in the areas of viticulture and winemaking. Another of the objectives is to stimulate the production of quality wines, while also giving consumers the best wines produced in the Dão Demarcated Region.

For those responsible for Global Wines, these medals “confirm our philosophy of producing the highest quality at the best price in all the segments in which we operate,” stressing that “as leaders of the region this is our commitment to Dão and to with the consumer “.

The contest, which took place in the Noble Hall of the Dão Wine Manor, brought together 142 samples of Dão DOP wines from 43 producers, grouped as follows: white wines, reds, rosés, wine varieties (monovarietal) and natural sparkling wines.
The jury was chaired by Beatriz Machado, wine director of The Fladgate Partnership, and winemakers, journalists, sommeliers and other wine-related entities were associated with representatives of the tasters’ chambers of the various commissions in the country.

Below you can see the list of all the wines of that company that deserved the distinction of the jury.


1- Vinha do Contador (white)

2- Casa de Santar (white)

3- Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores (varietal wines)

4- Casa de Santar Reserva (red)

5- Casa de Santar (red)


1- Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada (white)

2- Cabriz Touriga Nacional (varietal wines)

3- Cabriz Bruto White (sparkling)

4- Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada (rose)

5- Cabriz 25 Years old (red)

6- Cabriz Reserve (red)

7- Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada (red)

8- Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores Touriga Nacional (red)


In this region, the vineyards are between 400 and 700 meters altitude and where soils predominate pine and corn crops. The Dão surrounded by mountains that protect it from the winds, produces wines with high capacity of aging in bottle.

By Ramon Munoz