Golden Rules Of Communication Between Men And Women

Sometimes it seems to be more difficult to come to understanding with your man, than with a foreign company. And you catch yourself on a thought that men and women speak different languages. Examples? As much, as you want:

– Darling, all our friends are already married long ago…

– Uh-huh.

– Do you hear me?

– I’m going to a football, let’s discuss your problems the day after tomorrow?

Quite often, a dialogue with a man develop according to one of two scripts: he either keeps silence, like a partisan, or cuts you short crossly. The stronger sex thinks we’re too verbose. That we say wrong things, wrong way and wrong time. There is no doubt: we’re different and the Nature itself laid these differences in us. And that’s why a usual conversation sometimes can turn into a torture: men “spill over banks”, women take offence. What’s the matter?

Completely different

The matter is that we have absolutely different ideas about dialogue and expectations from conversation.

– Men expect information, women – emotional support.

– Men talk to be listened and explode without powder, if we cut them short with leading questions all the time. Women talk to be listened and supported. To be asked important questions full of sense (like “And he? And you?”). And to see one’s interest in their problems. As a wise proverb says: “If a woman asks advice, she just has nobody to unburden her heart to”.

– Men are dumbfounded with a phrase: “We need to talk about our relations”. They can much easier bear ventilating of some concrete problem.

– Men don’t like asking, as they think it’s a demonstration of disrespect for an interlocutor’s independence;
women treat this as a cold indifference to their problems.
Do we have a chance to come to understanding? Of course, we do, we just need to follow certain rules.

By Amber