Golf Swing Tips – Would You Like to Bet That I Can Cure Your Slice in 24 Hours?

There is nothing worse than hitting a golf ball and watching it curve off to the right. I know a lot of tour players play a fade but that’s another story. A fade is a controlled movement of the ball, a slice is a sign of a serious problem in a golf swing. Here are some golf swing tips to help you cure your slice.

Fist thing to do is check your grip. If you can see more than two knuckles of your left hand (if your right handed) when gripping the club then you need to move it to where two is all you see. If the v of your right hand is pointing to your chin or left shoulder then you need to move it to where it points to your right shoulder. If you had to do either of these then you had a week grip with one hand or the other. If you had to move both hands then you probably could not hit anything but a slice.

Second I want you to hit 50 balls with a abnormally closed stance. Set up with the ball off of the inside of your left heel. From there pull your right foot back naturally closing your shoulders. Hit 50 balls like this but keep your body quiet. It will feel weird but just keep the feeling of keeping your back to the target as long as you can. Do not try and kill the ball like John Daly here. What we are after is a feeling of letting the club come from the inside instead of over the top like you have probably been doing. After the first 50 balls slowly begin bringing your right foot back to normal position. Do not just bring the right foot back to normal after 50 balls. Move it a little forward and hit a few, then move it a little more forward and hit a few more.

The third part will be to rotate your forearm. Notice I did not say anything about your wrist. Your wrist will follow what your forearm does so do not worry about them. When you are coming into the impact area I want you to roll your forearm like you are hitch hiking. To get a good visual of what I am talking about extend your arm up with your thumb out like you would be hitch hiking. As a car goes by rotate your forearm to the left. Did you see what your wrist and hand did? Now take that feeling and put it on the golf ball.

From years of teaching the game as a professional and time spent playing on various golf tours these are three tips that have helped many students fix their slice. These drills will not cure your slice forever is you do not have the proper fundamentals. Golf is a game that can be enjoyed for a life time if you have a swing you can rely on. To access my number one recommendation to help you play the best golf you can Click Here [http://www.EVERYBODIESBUSINESS.COM]

By Amber