Green Tea – The Disadvantages

Green Tea

Everyone believes that green tea is one among the healthiest drinks we’ve . However, if we drink an excessive amount of it, it could adversely affect our kidneys. However, it’s rare for us to be really badly suffering from tea consumption. It also can damage our livers. However, it should be acknowledged that the beverage’s health advantages far outweigh its disadvantages, as long as you do not drink excessive amounts of it.

Scientists say that you simply can safely drain the cup to 10 cups of tea each day . the issues arise once you take supplements. These may contain up to fifty times the quantity of polyphenols than a cup of the tea.

Experiments conducted on rats, mice and dogs have shown that liver poisoning can occur when the animals are given excessive amounts of polyphenols.

Another problem with drinking tea is that, believe it or not, it contains caffeine. If you’ve got problems with caffeine, avoid tea because it may result in insomnia, an indigestion and even nausea and irritability.

If you’ve got to require blood thinners like coumarin or warfarin, it’d be better to not drink it because it contains vitamin K . Ask your doctor if you’ll drink the beverage and also determine what proportion is safe for you to drink.

You shouldn’t drink tea and take aspirin either.

During pregnancy it’s unwise to require supplements as these aren’t stringently regulated. The tea itself is ok , it is the extracts and supplements which will cause problems.

The catechins in hot tea may keep off colds and flu, especially if you’ve got it with lemon and honey instead of using sugar as a sweetener. However, the caffeine found within the drink can inhibit the body’s ability to soak up iron. Drinking your tea with fresh juice squeezed into it though, can mitigate the effect of the tea. To combat this possible lack of iron, eat many vitamin C rich foods like oranges, broccoli, other brassicas and liver.

If you’re on a diet, the quantity of sweeteners you stir into your cup will add calories to your drink. A cup of tea without sweetenings has zero calories.

Basically, if you’re a healthy person, and consume this beverage carefully , it should be a health-giving drink. Use sense and do not drink copious amounts of the things .


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.