Is High Speed Internet Going to Be Available in Rural Areas in 2022?

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The FCC recently acknowledged a digital divide between rural and urban areas, estimating that more than one-fourth of all Americans do not have access to reliable broadband internet. According to one survey, 42 million individuals in rural areas do not have access to broadband internet. This makes providing high speed internet to rural areas unprofitable and impractical for internet service providers. Meanwhile, rural residents are limited to DSL, satellite, or fixed wireless Internet.


Because of its high speeds and diverse package offerings, CenturyLink can compete with the best rural internet providers. Although CenturyLink may not always rank high on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), it consistently outperforms most other providers. Its 2021 ASCI score of 62 was somewhat higher than competitors Windstream, Mediacom, Frontier, and Suddenlink.

CenturyLink is currently investing in its infrastructure to increase its service. It is planning to upgrade its network to fiber-optic technology. While the corporation does not yet provide fiber internet to rural areas, it intends to build 28 fiber optic towers and upgrade some of its older networks. This investment is expected to improve rural speeds. CenturyLink has indicated that it collaborates with local governments to promote rural internet availability.


Xfinity is a cable network that provides high-speed Internet too much of the United States. However, the network does not cover Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota, Nevada, and Wyoming. Furthermore, Xfinity often does not reach rural areas, and the firm does not provide a map of its coverage boundaries. It is, nonetheless, available in many large cities and rural areas.

Xfinity provides broadband service throughout the United States, with various costs. Copper coaxial cables can transmit high-frequency electrical signals with low losses and compete with fiber connections in download speeds. Because of the company’s large network infrastructure, it is the fastest option in many places. Customers should expect to pay extra for a faster connection, though rates vary depending on the region.


If you reside in a rural location without access to satellite internet, Viasat is the way to go. Viasat can offer speed rural internet at a moderate cost while eliminating buffering. You can connect to the internet with a mini-dish setup if you have a satellite dish. According to the business, this will be available in rural areas by 2022.

Satellite internet networks are less vulnerable to natural disasters or extreme weather events because they rely on space for connectivity. Satellite internet today is far quicker than in prior generations. In some regions, download rates on the Viasat network can approach 150 Mbps. The corporation is adding new satellites to provide global coverage. Rural areas will have access to high-speed internet by 2022.


Frontier may be the firm for you if you reside in a remote region and need high-speed internet. They specialize in providing rural residents with high-speed internet access. Their fiber penetration allows for high speeds in rural locations, serving customers in metropolitan and suburban areas. They have programs for individuals in rural and urban areas, including one that combines high-speed internet with phone service.

Frontier also provides cable, DSL, and DSL service and fiber-optic connection. Although not all sites provide all of these services, the majority offer at least three. Cable and DSL service are ideal for cities, but fiber-optic service is ideal for rural areas. The latter is available in some rural areas, but only in the most distant locations. Both speeds are adequate for most tasks.

Broadband on the Rise

Unlike other internet providers, RISE Broadband does not overcharge its clients, allowing them to provide consistently fast connections to rural residents. The company has two service plans: a 25-Mbps plan with a 250-GB data cap and a 50-Mbps plan with unlimited data. Small business owners that need to stay connected while working from home can take advantage of the company’s services. The company intends to expand into additional rural areas by 2022.

Rise Broadband is one of the most well-known wireless internet service providers. With coverage in up to 16 states, the firm is one of the largest rural internet providers. Users will be able to connect to high-speed internet without dealing with the nuisance of a wired or satellite connection. The internet connection is wireless, and it connects to the customers’ houses through a radio wave from the base station. There is no need for a cable or obtrusive equipment, and consumers can enjoy limitless data.

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By Brando Smith