Horse Racing: what proportion of Money does one Want to form In Racing?

In racing its sensible to make a decision what proportion of money does one want in horse racing. This eases your path to money a touch because now you’ve got a straighter shot to your goals. within the world of racing, you will have to be more precise than “I need a lot of money” or “It’s sure to come if I play the pick-six”, etc. Such a thing isn’t a solid plan and that is just what’s needed. A goal and an easy flexible plan. It doesn’t need to be complex but it’s to be thought out as an achievable thing.

As an example of a really simple but firm racing plan:
(1) goal: $1.6 million.
(2) time frame: four years from now on or by my birth date.
(3) tracks to be played: Santa Anita and Gulfstream Park only.
(4) wagers to play: Pick 3, Pick 4 and Trifecta.
(5) field sizes to play: 8-11 field sizes.
(6) race types to play: allowance, handicap and stakes.
(7) ticket prices range: $A for 8 field size. $B for 9 field size. $C for 10 field size. $D for 11 field size. what proportion money does one want to form in racing?

Think for just a second how long you have been playing the horses and the way much you’ve actually made or profited. does one know? have you ever been keeping a gentle record or log? Yes? No? Think for just a second just where you’re at within the game and what it takes within the simple things that you’re doing or should are doing to succeed in your money goals. So one among the primary things to try to do is decide permanently what proportion it might fancy satisfy you money-wise. $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000? $3,000,000?

How much and the way you are going to urge it. Let me offer you a touch. Break racing into two large but equal parts. (1) put all matters to try to to with selecting, picking, choosing, predicting and determining the result of races on one side. (2) then put all matters to try to to with predicting and determining what proportion profit or money-making over several months or several years on the opposite side. This results in two equally important halves. Handicapping and profitcapping. There are already two major books on all that’s shows the thanks to apply their knowledge. So once again: what proportion money does one want to form in racing?


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.