How Can I Check My ICICI Personal Loan Status?

ICICI Personal Loan

You can check the status of your loan online. With the exciting online service of ICICI Bank, now the borrower doesn’t have to go anywhere to check on their loan. Find whether your loan has any due status or not. Download the ICICI Bank mobile application, and log in to your account using CRN and password. Go to the loans section and check on your loan due payment. If the EMIs are paid in full till the date, no such due status will be displayed. But if you have missed a payment and don’t remember it, this would be reflected in the account status. Read this page below and know more about this service of ICICI Personal Loan Status.

What is the Process for ICICI Personal Loan Status Check?

Well, the process may vary based on your purpose, if you want to check your loan application status, follow these steps –

  • Visit the official website of ICICI Bank
  • Click on ‘Track My Application’
  • Enter your mobile number and date of birth
  • Click on ‘Get OTP’
  • Enter the OTP

Your loan status will display on your screen.

In case your loan doesn’t get approved, the reason for the same will be mentioned there in the status. 

What Other ICICI Personal Loan Status Can You Check Online?

There is a wide range of online services that are available on the bank website. Let’s check out what more you can do with your personal loan –

Get Interest Certificate

You can request an interest certificate to see how much payment is left in your loan account. To request the same, visit the bank website and log in to your account. Go to raise a service request corner and click on ‘Interest Certificate’. Now, enter your loan account number and other details. Click on ‘Submit’ at last. Upon receiving such a request from you the bank will generate the certificate and email it to your registered email address.

The ICICI Personal Loan statement for interest payment will be password protected. So, read the mail carefully to find the password, as the same will be mentioned there. 

Update of Contact Details

If you have changed your mobile number or email address, update this on the bank portal. To do the same, visit the bank website and log in to your account. Go to the contact details section, enter your new mobile number or email address and other details. Click on ‘Submit’. Now, the bank will send an OTP to your new mobile or email, enter the same.

Upon successful update of the contact details, you will receive an SMS or email. To check the status of your ICICI Personal Loan contact update application, visit the bank website.

The new mobile number or email will be reflected on your profile if it is updated. And if not, the old email or mobile number will show. It is important to update your contact details, so you won’t miss out on any notifications. Because default of ICICI Personal Loan can be a hassle for you later. Be up to date with the bank by updating your details online. 

Foreclosure Statement

When you decide to prepay for your ICICI Personal Loan, don’t forget to request the foreclosure statement. This will be proof that you have closed your account prior to the end date. So, if any dispute arises with the bank, these documents will prove you have closed the loan account by paying the balance principal amount. 

Before doing the prepayment, you need to start saving or investing money. Because by doing so, you can gather a lump sum amount at a scheduled date. This way, you can get rid of the remaining interest payment.

Upon a successful prepayment, get yourself an affordable ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rate on your loan.

By Edward