How Much Does Concrete Grinding Cost In the Gold Coast

How Much Does Concrete Grinding Cost In the Gold Coast

The cost of getting your concrete floor polished or ground can vary considerably counting on things and therefore the requirements of the work. a really simple job during a small space could also be tons costlier per sq ft than an identical job during a large area just because it’s such a lot easier to use a machine or a bigger machine during a large area. Very small areas with tight corners and lots of doorways or other obstacles mean that a way smaller machine must be used which not only takes longer but need a really experienced operator to supply a high-quality job.

A basic floor grinding can cost from $10 per m2 where it just requires grinding and honing with a transparent coating that exposes the stone on a floor that’s in fitness.

If the ground has tile glue, vinyl or carpet glue, etc. it can cost $18 perm2 and if there are existing tiles or floor coverings it can cost around $25 per m2.

The finish that’s required also affects the entire price, does one want what’s referred to as a “Cream Finish” which is where the surface or troweled concrete finish is buffed into a glass smooth finish with a penetrating sort of sealer. this sort of finish is usually utilized in garages or commercial floors where they require a really strong long-lasting floor. the standard cost of this sort of finish is about $70 per m2.

To get what’s called a “Salt n Pepper” finish where the concrete is cut lightly to show the fine sand and stones to offer a more decorative finish then sealed with a penetrating sealer, this finish is suitable for many areas including decks and hallways, living areas and commercial areas. this sort of grinding costs about $80 per sq. m2.

Full stone Exposure Grind and polishing where the concrete is hampered to show the complete or maximum amount of stone then sealed and polished where an ornamental effect is required this is often wiped out the house or areas like restaurants. This usually costs about $100n per sq.m2

Other factors which will influence the worth of a specific job are whether the work is on a replacement or existing cement. It can cost 30% to 50% more for performing on older concrete especially if there are cracks or other damage that first must be repaired.

There are a variety of computer graphics that will be achieved and these can home in price from a couple of extra dollars per sq m2 to $50 or more counting on how elaborate you need your floor to be.

Sometimes an existing floor would require some extensive repairs, especially those in older homes as they were never meant to be ground and polished, they were poured as a foundation. These sorts of floors are often successfully ground, but it’s going to be prudent to think about having the ground skimmed with a replacement coat of concrete which will be ground and polished. Your contractor can advise you about this. one of the benefits of doing this is often you’ll choose the aggregates (different stones and sands) you employ and also the color of the cement so you’ll make a floor that’s truly unique to your building. These features are often very cost-effective because the concrete grinding job is easier and thus less costly and therefore the finish is extremely predictable.


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