How to Earn From Affiliate Marketing – The Practical Tools You Need

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This blog will cover all the main areas of affiliate marketing, like;

Affiliate Marketing

Creating a sales funnel
Blogging to earn more
Beat your competition
Testing and tracking your campaigns
Upon finishing this blog, I’m sure you will be excited with anticipation of coming big paydays! I will be expecting your feedback passionately to create more practical material for you.
So let’s start…

It’ll be a good idea to send your traffic to your website, rather than directly sending them to the vendor’s sales page. Here are some tips for you;
a. Build trust

People buy from those whom they know, like, and trust. therefore the thanks to roll in the hay are e.g., ‘building mailing list’. By sending them personalized emails, ’emotionally’ they’re going to connect with you. you’ll offer a free eBook, audiobook, any gift voucher, etc.

b. Create a Page

All you would like to make is a brief page that tells your prospects what they’ll get upon joining your newsletter. That is, what benefits will they receive?

c. lookout of Your Readers

If you treat your subscribers and prospects like ATMs (cash only), they’ll sense it. And they’ll immediately run far away from you quicker than a flying jet.

Instead, show your readers that you simply look after them. Never promise which you can’t deliver.

Suppose you informed them you’d provide a “rich content newsletter hebdomadally .” But you’re sending just one or two emails per month, then you are going to possess disappointed subscribers. And disappointed subscribers stop reading your emails (or even unsubscribe).


Write product reviews:

Don’t just write ‘positive points’ of your product, be honest, write both PROs and CONs of your product. Because your reader knows nothing is ‘perfect’, so neither the merchandise will be! By treating during this way, you’ll build a relationship of trust together with your potential buyers.

Do a product comparison, if you’ve got two or more products. People will just like it as you’re helping them ‘unknowingly’ to pick a product.

Always hit the imagination of individuals by showing images, videos of your product. Be honest with them, “put yourself in your customer shoes and appearance things from their eyes”. This single quality will cause the very best conversions if you know it deeply.

  1. Do Blogging – Earn More

By now it’s no secret that you simply shouldn’t send your visitors on to a vendor’s sales letter. thus far we’ve mainly talked about turning your traffic into newsletter subscribers.

You can quickly create a free website at it is so simple, easy to use, and highly customizable, and need no technical training to create your own website.

You can also build a blog at

· Create a “product of the week” or “featured post” section on your blog. you’ll keep your blog fresh by creating a “featured post” section that highlights a replacement product hebdomadally.

· If you encourage discussion on your blog, then you create a way of community. Not only that but getting your readers to interact with you helps you build a relationship with them. this may result in more affiliate commissions for you. you’ll write on any controversial topic, and invite comments/feedback.

· Always blog regularly, a minimum of once every week to stay reader in-tuned with you.


You have to face two sorts of competition;

a. Competition with those selling similar products

b. and people who are selling EXACTLY the same products.

Here’s the way to whip your competition and put extra money in your pocket…


a. Give your prospects many choices with reference to products, like a mall.

b. Give your potential customers a reason “why” they ought to buy from you, not from your competitors.

For example, provide freebie alongside main product (laces with shoes), offer free email consultation, offer free stuff (surprises are great).

c. Made venture with well-known marketers and experts in your niche. during this way, you will be “borrowing” their credibility and other people will see you as an expert. this may ultimately be good for your pocket J

d. Offer cashback to your customers, sounds strange to you, let me illustrate;

Let’s take the instance of a $100 product with a 50% commission. rather than pocketing the whole $50 commission, you’ll split your commission together with your customer (each of you gets $25). in fact, you do not tell your customer you’re splitting a commission. Instead, you only offer a “cash back” (mention expiry of this offer)


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.