How to Escape Fatigue and Stay Active

We tend to become tired easily quite often as we use up the stored energy. Here are a few ideas which would come handy in order to remain physically and mentally fresh all the time.

Drink More Water

It is always recommended to drink more water as it will increase the brain activity and blood circulation to brain. When more blood reaches the brain, it will automatically help to stay active. It is advisable to keep track of how much water is consumed every day and it is recommended to increase the intake of water till 3 litres of water a day is reached. Keeping the body hydrated is the first step to stay active all the time. Besides removing fatigue, it also helps the skin to glow and makes metabolic activities to be performed with ease.

Eat Healthy Foods

On eating more health-rich foods, we can stay active. The breakfast is highly essential and must not be skipped as it provides energy for the entire day. There must be higher amount of carbohydrates in the breakfast meal. The foods which are rich in iron content must be taken as it prevents the body from being non-anaemic. It is also necessary to drink fresh juices for the brain to remain active. Drinking glucose will provide immediate results. This activates the brain cells immediately making you fresh. The fruits can also be cut into pieces and taken in a small box to the office and can be eaten instead of oily foods.


The sweat is not only good for the physique but also for the mind. It helps to keep the brain working at a faster pace. Severe workouts are not necessary. Even mild exercises to hands and legs would suffice. The exercises also help to tackle stresses, blood pressure, and by increasing the oxygen intake, nourishment is supplied to the cells. Yoga can also be done which helps to improve the concentration and the working of the brain. Other aerobic exercises can be encouraged in work places to fight fatigue and can also be recommended in every educational institutions to help students to tackle tiredness.

Relax During Breaks

The break time is highly essential and continuous work will definitely lead to fatigue. Moreover, if a lot of time is spent before the monitor, there will be a lot of energy loss. It is recommended to close eyes for twenty seconds for every continuous-twenty minutes that you look into the screen of a desktop or laptop. That would be a good relaxation to the eyes. It is advisable to use radiation protected glasses while using computer as it would help eyes not to become tired quickly. Walking out from the chair for a break is essential. Whenever time permits, it is advisable to take fresh air from outside.

Get More Sleep

It is definitely not going to be useful when the work is done continuously compromising the sleep as it spoils the health to a greater extent besides making the person drowsy for the next day. The sleep at night time cannot be compensated by equal sleeping time during the day. The best time to sleep would be from ten in the night to six in the morning. Insufficient sleep not only spoils the physique but also causes mental illness like stress and high blood pressure. It is absolutely important to get sufficient sleep as this aligns the activities in the brain and help us to perform better the next day.
By Edward