How to Hit a Golf Ball

Hitting a golf ball is probably the most difficult endeavor in the world of athletics. But there is no greater joy than having complete control over the flight of the ball during a round of golf. You can curve it left and right, hit it high and low, even make it spin back on command so that it finishes next to the hole.

So let’s take a look a solutions to how to hit a golf ball:

“I just want to hit the *&*) ball!” – When you first start playing golf or practicing on the driving range, you have noticed that it is easy to miss the ball altogther, or ‘whiff’. Most people blame this on looking up, but this is not the case. Follow these tips:

1. Bend from the hips, not the knees. This will set your body and arms on plane with the ball. You can also think of a swing ‘plane’ as simply the track away from and into the ball.

2. Maintain a wide arc by keeping the left arm straight in the backswing, and the right arm straight in the downswing. Don’t allow your arms to get rigid – just don’t allow too much break in the elbows.

3. Swing in rhythm. Most whiffs will occur when the swing is much too violently quick. Instead swing with a waltz rhythm 1,2,3 1,2,3, or like a ticking clock.

4. Use your legs to shift your weight. By rocking back and forth from foot to foot, you will make sure that the bottom of your clubhead’s arc will be right at the ball. When you swing only using the upper body, the result is typically to make contact with the ground behind the ball, or a ‘fat’ shot. Ground balls are caused by the club bottoming out too soon as well, but you just don’t hit the ground.

Following these simple steps will allow you to have more fun at the golf course or driving range because you will at least make contact and hit the ball. I bet by the end of your bucket of balls you will slowly get better and better and even hit a few good shots!

Start to incorporate these ideas into your golf game one at a time to keep your brain from getting overloaded. Once you can successfully do all 4 tips, you will have a golf swing good enough to take out on the course without feeling like you are going to be in the way or slow other golfers down! That is where the fun begins.

By Amber