How to Implement GPS Vehicle Tracking

Your business can increase productivity and reduce costs with GPS vehicle tracking. the primary step in implementing GPS tracking in your company is to put in tracking units altogether your vehicles. the toughest part of implementing GPS tracking is the way to inform your employees and modify their behavior and to extend productivity and reduce company costs. As challenging because it could also be to implement GPS tracking the value savings and increase in productivity is well worth the effort. These are simple instructions on how to implement GPS tracking within your company.

Set Up Baseline

The first step is to line up a bottom line and measure just what proportion your company is losing from unproductive employees who waste time, idle vehicles, or other activities. This step can show how inaccurate their timesheets are often. By tracking your employees for one month without telling them, the business will have an honest bottom line of what your fleet employees do once they are out working within the field. Your company will have an accurate assessment of what proportions are often saved when GPS vehicle tracking and company policies are changed.

When following this strategy is once you notice employees who are taking excessive personal errands. Or employees will head home during the day early while writing on the timesheets they’re working. If employees are allowed to require vehicles home they could use the vehicles for long trips during the weekend. If they need gas cards another thing to seem for is how often gas cards are used also miles driven in-between fill-ups.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Improve Employee Productivity

GPS tracking can put to an end all of those activities, helping to save lots of money through behavior therapy of your employees. the primary step to save lots of money is to tell your employees. once you tell your employees you’ve got installed GPS tracking devices the vehicles. there’ll be questions such as “do you trust us?” “We already keep logs of our time why can we need it?”. Easy answers to such questions are if we didn’t trust you why would we allow you to drive a corporation truck with thousands of dollars of kit on it? This new tracking system makes your jobs easier since employees will not get to keep timesheets.

Cost savings gained from behavior therapy of employees’ use of your time and driving habits. Enforcing a corporation policy is that the only thanks to achieving cost savings. If you’ve got real-time GPS tracking a simple thanks to enforcing policies is to line up real-time alerts. Real-time alerts can notify you each time a driver idles a vehicle for quite 5 minutes, speeding, or any programmable action that would indicate lost productivity.

Automate Employee behavior therapy

The smart thanks to sending real-time alerts aren’t just to send alerts bent management but also the drivers. Constant text messages also remind the driving force that management is monitoring their use of the corporate vehicle. you’ll define geographic areas, allowing you to be notified when an employee’s vehicle is in that area. you’ll even know when employees just head home for the day by fixing a geographical boundary around employee’s houses, or your employee strays outside of an assigned area.

You can increase fleet productivity with GPS tracking. you’ll add last minutes jobs onto the schedule of an employee without calling all of your employees to work out where they’re. you’ll route the worker with the shortest time period using live traffic maps to avoid heavy traffic, adjusting the other schedules as need supported real-time traffic conditions.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.