How To Protect A Laptop From Fluid Damage

This article teaches you ways to stop your laptop from sustaining damage immediately after spilling a liquid thereon. confine mind that although the subsequent information is that the best thanks to handling a spill yourself, there’s no guarantee that your laptop is going to be stored safely; similarly, seeking professional assistance is a much better solution.

Short summary:

1. Unplug the laptop and switch it off.
2. Take the laptop out of the liquid.
3. Turn the laptop over and take away the battery.
4. Disconnect the external equipment.
5. Open the laptop and place it on a towel.
6. Wipe off any remaining liquid.
7. Remove all the fabric you’ll.
8. Dry internal components and take away any residue.
9. Allow drying for a minimum of 24 hours before turning it on.

  1. close up the laptop and disconnect it from its power source immediately –

To do so, just hold down the laptop’s power button. If the liquid touches the circuits on the laptop while they’re active, your laptop will presumably shorten, therefore the time is extremely important.

To disconnect the laptop from an influence source, simply remove the charging cable from the laptop. it’s usually on the left or right side of the laptop.

  1. Remove the laptop from the residual liquid –

This will both minimize your laptop’s exposure to more liquid and reduce the danger of electric shock.

  1. Turn the laptop the wrong way up and take away the battery if possible –

You can usually do that by flipping your laptop over, sliding a panel from the rock bottom of the laptop, and gently pulling on the battery.

This step isn’t possible on a MacBook without first unscrewing the rock bottom of the laptop from the remainder of the housing.

  1. Unplug all external hardware –

This includes the subsequent items:

USB devices (flash drives, wireless adapters, chargers, etc.)
Memory cards
Controllers (e.g., your mouse)
The laptop charger

  1. Place a towel on a flat surface –

Here, you’ll configure your laptop for the subsequent few days, so choose a hot, dry, and unobtrusive area.

  1. Open your laptop the maximum amount as possible and place it on the briefcase –

Depending on the pliability of your laptop, everything from a laptop under the tent to a totally flat laptop is going to be possible. to hurry up the method of drying the liquid, you’ll get a fast fix on the liquid to assist.

  1. Wipe all visible liquids –

To clean are the front and back of the screen, the case of the laptop and therefore the keyboard.

Make sure your laptop is usually with you while you are doing this.

  1. Ground yourself before touching the interior components of your computer –

Grounding eliminates electricity from your clothes or your body. electricity can easily destroy the circuit, so it’s important to try to do this step before touching the RAM card or disk drive.

  1. Remove all the fabric you’ll –

If you’re not conversant in removing RAM, your computer’s disk drive, and other internal removable components, you ought to bring your laptop to a knowledgeable repair service instead.

You can not find anything for your specific material. Just search the factory and model number of your computer followed by “RAM Removal” (or the component you would like to delete).

For a MacBook, you’re one of the foremost successful builders in the world.

  1. Dry all wet internal components –

To do this, you’ll need a microfiber cloth (or other lint-free cloth).

If there’s an excessive amount of water in your laptop, you want to first empty it. Be extremely sweet.

  1. Remove dry residues –

Use a lint-free cloth to softly remove all non-water stains, chippings, and other non-liquid residues.

  1. Let your laptop dry –

You’ll want to go away it alone for a minimum of at some point.

Remember to store your laptop in a dry, warm place. for instance, a dehumidifier can improve the drying time.

Never use a hand blower to hurry up the drying process of your laptop because the warmth concentration of a hand blower is robust enough to wreck the interior parts of your laptop.

  1. Reassemble the laptop and switch it on –

If it doesn’t start or if you notice a distortion within the sound or the display, you want to entrust your laptop to a knowledgeable laptop repair service (for example, a Best Buy technical service).

  1. Remove all residues if necessary –

Even if your laptop is up and running, you’ll need to affect a sticky or oily substance. you’ll remove this debris by gently rubbing the affected area with a humid, lint-free cloth as you probably did when the laptop was drying.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.