How to Purchase a Car in California According to Your Socio-Economic Status?

The golden state of California is famous for its various geographical landscapes. The shorelines of San Diego, the hiking trails of Big Sur, and the national parks of Yosemite make up the beauty of California. Now that the Californians are getting access to vaccines and the vaccination drive is in full swing, you can use the summer months to travel, explore and enjoy the beauty of California.

When it comes to traveling the length and breadth of the Golden State, a car becomes a necessity. Although individuals may look for different specifications and models of the vehicle, a car is the only essential and comfortable way to explore the scenic beauty of California. For example, an individual with a family of teenagers in Pasadena will look for a different car than a single living in Sacramento. Understanding the different socio-economic dynamics will help you to uncover the best possible vehicle to buy in California.

Individual Bifurcations: California Car Buying made Easy

The following are the different stages of life that apply to one and all. Understand how the aspect of car buying in California can be determined basis on your socio-economic status.

1. A Car for Students in California

Students can fulfill the priority to travel to college when they have a car of their own. Many students travel to a different state to attend college. And, buying a vehicle for out-of-state students becomes necessary. For instance, if you are an out-of-state student attending college at the University of California, then make sure to buy your car from the California State itself. A good choice for a student buyer in California is a car that is affordable and offers decent safety features. The 2020 Kia Forte, 2021 Toyota Corolla, and 2020 Hyundai Elantra are ideal cars for Californian college students.

2. A Vehicle for Working Individuals of the Golden State

The life of a working individual is very different from a college-going student. Young adults will take care of their finances since they are fully employed. However, working individuals reside alone or share their rentals with a roommate. Therefore, the type of car deal that a working individual will buy should be fuel-efficient and cost-saving in the long run. Additionally, it is ideal to go for a shorter auto loan term to pay off the loan before getting married, buying a home or incurring any other huge expenditure. The per capita personal income in California in 2020 was $60,360. Therefore, the ideal car for a working individual in California can be the 2020 Ford Escape, 2021 Hyundai Sonata, and 2021 Kia Sportage.

3. An Automobile for the Californian Family Man

A family man can be anyone who has established themselves financially and socially. A family man will look for cars that provide the best combination of space, safety, reliability, and convenience for his family. An ideal type of car for a Californian family man can be SUVs, minivans, and even luxury cars. The family income for an average family of four people in 2020 was $101,315. Depending on the income, the ideal family car for Californians can be the 2021 Honda Passport, 2021 Kia Telluride, and the 2021 Honda Odyssey.

California is a Car Buyer’s Market: Take Advantage of it

No matter what type of a car buyer you are, you will find your ideal car in the state of California. Therefore, shop around California and purchase a vehicle that is ideal for your requirement and pocket size.

Once you choose a car to buy, you can apply for an auto loan online. As Californians have a decent gross monthly income, getting an auto loan will be easy for you. Make sure you review your credit score and gross monthly income and expenses before finding a lender. It will help you to choose an affordable financing program that does not burn a hole in your wallet.


By Lillie